Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Love Story: A Year in the Books

This is a series about our love story that I've been carrying on for far too long. If you're new, check out all the previous posts here and bear with me as I attempt to make a sprint to the finish line aka the wedding day.


Sophomore year had come to a close and junior year was beginning. After our week of  being reunited, complete with a few days in Dallas to check out the zoo, we were prepping for the new semester. We had a semester of fun and busy days ahead of us. As much as I looked forward to the future with Kevin, I couldn't help but look back on our sweet early days. I remembered them so clearly and re-imagined the scenes in my head over and over again. I was completely smitten with this college, sports-loving, Jesus-lovin boy.

The semester progressed, studio projects and homework were of course there but we enjoyed date nights together. Come November 1st we had officially reached an entire year of dating. A month later and we had officially lasted longer than M and I had. It terrified me to think about it, but I still saw no end in site for Kevin and I. I wasn't tired of being around him, I didn't get irritated with him after being in his presence for a long time. Quite the opposite, all I wanted ever was more time with him! I dreamed of getting married but the idea that I could marry Kevin gave me a belly ache. I just couldn't get past the incredible commitment that was, and I still couldn't believe I was old enough to be in my third year of college, let alone be considering marriage.

We celebrated our anniversary by re-inventing our first date. We went to the same restaurant but instead of following it with a concert, we took a frigid boat tour of the little canal in downtown OKC. It was freezing that night but we still had a wonderful time all dressed up and just cherishing the moment. 

This semester was filled with some of my favorite pictures of us by far. Football games, date parties, my first experience at OUvsTX, date nights, hanging out nights, Halloween parties, Christmas lights...etc. 

I had a furniture design class as opposed to our traditional studio course. I decided on a headboard and without thinking quickly promised Kevin he could have it in his room until...  I'm not sure I even finished the sentence when I mentioned it to him. He didn't blink an eye at my presumptuous statement. I, on the other hand, caught my words in my mouth and felt dizzy. I later decided I worked too hard on it for it to not be in my room. But the thought of getting married was crossing into my mind before I even realized it.

Every day I continued to pray, Lord, if this is not the man for me, please begin the work in our hearts to unweave us. And if this is the man for me, Jesus make it ever so clear.

I was nervous for His answer, either one seemed impossible.

A year was in the books and Christmas break separated us once again. I was not prepared for the way my heart was going to miss this incredible man.

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