Friday, January 16, 2015

A Dream Come True

As a young girl I would imagine about the days of having a husband. I dreamed that he would be like a brother to my sisters. I pictured them laughing together and playing.

I had very much forgotten about these daydreams as life continued on. When I began dating Kevin, my sisters were miles and miles away in Florida. We were quite serious before they even met him. They spent all of one week of time with him before I walked down the aisle to be his forever wife.

Our time with my family since then has been so quick and hurried until this past Christmas trip. This year, we took off nearly a week to be in Florida with them. Before my very eyes I saw my childhood daydreams come to life. My husband interacting with, loving on, playing with, helping and simply enjoying being with my little sisters. My heart overflowed with joy and delight as I watched each day progress. The sweet patience he had with them blew me away. He indulged them in their picture ideas and was up to any goofy idea they could come up with.

Not once. Not once did he come to me and say he couldn't take it anymore. Not once did he say he'd had enough. Not once did he express the need to get away. Not once did he mention anything about the trip being too long. In fact, he wished we'd had longer, with the exception of missing Paisley. And that, I realized, was a childhood fear. A fear I'd carried for too long. I had feared that my one day boyfriend or later husband wouldn't enjoy being with my family.

You know what is so incredibly sweet about it all? God heard my heart. He saw it daydreaming and He saw it hurting and He declared in his absolute goodness that He was going to take care of these. He did that, not by pushing me around but by working within my, deeply and gently within me (Ephesians 3:20, MSG).

Simply amazing!

Thank you O LORD for this precious precious gift that I could have never deserved on my own. Words cannot express the emotions that welled up inside me watching it all unfold this Christmas. My heart is overjoyed.

Heart. Full.


  1. What ADORABLE pictures! Those at!
    Happy weekend!

  2. So sweet! And now I want to go to Disney ;)

  3. YAY! I adore these pictures! I also agree, it is so sweet and such a blessing to get along with family (both sides)!!! In a world that tells you that you should almost expect that your spouse doesn't like your family, it is easy to be more nit picky about the "other side" but the Lord shines brightest when we chose to love all our new family members and embrace all the crazy that created our best friend! I love seeing this. Don't be ashamed! Enjoy and share that inlaws can really be family and friends!

    PS: all this DISNEY is PERFECT!

  4. awww! i love those disney pictures. it's so good how God just works things out and prepares our spouse to fit in the perfect way with our families :)

  5. I love Disney! Looks like such a fun trip :)

  6. Getting along with family makes all the difference! So glad you were able to enjoy those moments (and so jealous you went to Disney!)

  7. This post made me tear up. That is such a blessing. I'm so grateful that Angel and my little sisters all love each other and enjoy spending time together. There's a huge generation gap (Angel's 22 years older than my youngest sister, and 9 years older than even the oldest of my little sisters) but somehow he fits into the family perfectly!

  8. A beautiful post- it's so hard combining families sometimes, it's a pleasant surprise when it is 'easy' :) I love all your Disney photos. When I was in LA I went to Disneyland and it is still one of my favourite days ever- my dream is to make it to Disneyworld :)


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