Monday, December 15, 2014


Well Taylor, Swift of course, and I are both 25 now. Our birthdays are like a week apart, random fact. She celebrated hers on stage, or something like that, and I celebrated mine at home with my husband and best friend, baking a cake and unfortunately watching the Sooners almost win a game to the cowboys.

Kevin and I also decorated the home for Christmas right before my birthday. Traditionally, growing up, my family didn't purchase the tree until after my mom and I's birthday, happy belated birthday to my mom too. So this year, putting decorations up before thanksgiving and getting the tree up right after was a BIG deal, but totally awesome too.

Christmas looks good in our home. The lights on the tree warming the room, the cards of family and friends gracing the kitchen cabinets, the nativity displaying the humility of the KING of the world being born in a manger... I love the joy of Christmas.

Yesterday was our church's big Christmas show, it actually ran all weekend, and our pastor talked heavily on joy. Joy is intimately knowing the Lord. Joy is being in relation with the God of the universe. Joy is being in His presence, doing His commands, and being consumed by Him. Christmas reminds us of that joy. Christmas reminds you that no matter the difficulties, God brings joy. Because joy isn't happyness, it's being in relationship with Jesus who came to the earth as a babe, slept on hay in a manger, grew as a child, suffered verbal and physical abuse as a man and died selflessly on a cross. Dying to be the ultimate and sweetest sacrifice. THE sacrifice for all mankind. And Christmas, Christmas is where it all began. Sweet, precious, joy!

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