Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How to Pass the NCIDQ: Part 7

Math was never my strong subject. Honestly, I had a math tutor all the way through middle school, then post that I utilized friends as tutors. Math + Me = No

So it's no surprise that I ended up in a more creative field with less concentration on numbers. However, as many of you know, there's still plenty of math and calculations in interior design. For me, I have to write those equations out very clearly and practice them until they become second nature.

In the binder I created for the NCIDQ, I had a special section up front tabbed off for calculations. Each page contained a different section of calculations. Even if math is your thing, I recommend making sure you have a clear understanding of all the calculations you might want to know as you take the exam. I just started writing them down as I read through the chapters of the study book and then put them all together in a nice and simple format.

For both the IDPX and the IDFX, there are questions asking you either to do the equation and choose the answer, and there are questions asking how you would go about calculating different items. So, do you need to memorize all of these? no. But do you need to be familiar with them? yes, absolutely. (for example, the equations used for draper use a lot of terms, know the book definition of these terms). Know what you would need to have for each question, and practice each equation at least once right before you take the exam.

The ones you MUST memorize are:
-The run of the stair
-The three relating to lease/rent spaces

Others to review:
-Wallpaper: rolls needed to wallpaper a space
-Vinyl Wallcovering: yards need to wallcover a space

In my ideal blogging world, I would have made a graphic for each of these but in reality those took much longer than I expected and so I only did the most important ones.

Coming up next is all about taking the practicum! Have any specific questions about that part of the NCIDQ? Let me know and I'll do my best to help.

Got questions? Submit them here anonymously! 

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