Friday, December 12, 2014

Feed Oklahoma

Not so long ago, Bekah organized a beautiful effort for bloggers to give back to their communities through #Givethanksgiveback 

Holly and I signed up to the representatives from Oklahoma. We chose to volunteer at the Food Bank, where fellow blogger Shae works! She gave us some great information and we signed up for the first Saturday in November. We were hoping for more bloggers to join us but I think we were a little disorganized this time. Holly and I had a wonderful time and we, along with Shae, look forward to putting together more opportunities to serve through the Food Bank as blogger friends in the future.

Holly and I were put in the bread area. We inspected donated bread packages for mold/ect, and filtered it to the boxers who were responsible for packaging up a variety of breads, white/wheat/sweet,  for families. We had a blast!

That Saturday we helped package 723 boxes, the equivalent of 11,933 pounds or 9,960 meals!!!

Shae gave us information for another great opportunity the Oklahoma Food Bank is working towards. Check it out:

Million Dollar Match! 

Chesapeake Energy Corporation and the Cresap Family Foundation are doubling efforts to feed hungry children in Oklahoma by offering a matching challenge to our donors this holiday season. Starting November 15th, every dollar given to fight childhood hunger will be matched, up to $1,000,000. One in four children in Oklahoma struggles with hunger every day. This matching challenge will help us provide 10 million meals for chronically hungry children! The link is

So get out there and be a #hungerhero !!!

Additional information about the food bank can be found at and of course the link to sign up  any day is

Have you volunteered at your local food bank?

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