Tuesday, November 25, 2014

When I met my husband...

On Sunday, as Kevin and I sat in our church service I looked over at him taking notes and smiled as I remembered the way he used to take notes, the way he took notes when I met him. And that's when this post idea sparked.

When I met my husband he,

took notes with three different colored pens that stored nicely in his Bible and journal carrier, which came with him always.

wore jerseys with a plain white t underneath often. And paired them with baggy jeans and black basketball shoes.

made a Dr. Pepper "wall" in place of his dorm window.

went to bed by 10pm almost always despite whatever crazy plans our group made. (side note: we were freshmen in college and stayed up late late late doing ridiculous things like playing sardines in the student union).

watched football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, basketball...anything that is considered a sport every day.

ate chik-fil-a like it was disappearing at the cafeteria

attended more OU sport events than I even knew existed.

wrote in an online journal. 

had only two ties. 

got to football games hours earlier just to sit at the front row.

thought he should wear large sized t-shirts because he was tall.

had a pop-tart for breakfast every single day. 

made mix CDs for road trips or events. 

worshipped with his hands in the air giving his all to Jesus.

sang loudly in the car with his mix CDs.

spent most of his free time with his best friend and roommate.

was the driver for our group 90% of the time.

had a shaved face.

didn't  wear glasses and had to ask his best friend the score/stats on the board at football games.

was  willing to help me with anything I needed, anytime even though we were just friends.

was your typical, introverted, sports-loving, type-a, Jesus-loving, kind-hearted, college boy.

Some of these things haven't changed and some have just adjusted, like he still makes mixed CD's but now they're on his thumb drive that he just plugs in...or he still eats pop tarts frequently but not every single day. Others, I'm so happy to say have totally changed, like owning more than 2 ties, and wearing size small t-shirts. And others I think back to fondly, like his Bible study notes. Then there's those that he still does to this day, and those things I'll forever love about him, like the way he worships at church. 

What are some memories you have of your husband/fiance/boyfriend when you met him?

and yall thought I was joking about the Dr. Pepper


  1. YES! The dorm pic! Is it weird that I was like, "was that the school I went to?!" because all dorms somehow look the same! This is a beautiful post! Love the sentimentality of it! And so precious about the note taking and the bible carrying case! Some memories of my husband when I first met him...he was sweet and funny! And he has this plain black fitted cap he always wears!

  2. This is such a cute post! I love how your love for Kevin comes through :)

  3. Yes to the Chick fil a! No to the pop tarts!

  4. That wall is crazy! And so sweet, the little things you remember :)


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