Friday, November 28, 2014

Uncommon Gift Wish Lists

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If there's one thing I love, it is gift giving! I probably think of something daily that I would love to give to someone I know. I find or think of a gift I'd like to get for my sisters probably more than anyone, which basically means I'm constantly practicing self control. Budget living. That's where my Christmas list comes in handy. I sit down every year and write down gift ideas for certain people, the amount of money we're able to spend for them and where to find the gifts.

Today I'm sharing some unique gift ideas for a college kid and a husband:

My 20 year old, sister loves pink and is a total hipster, if she tells you otherwise, she lies. She loves classic items combined with totally unique items.

1. Shower Squids: these are just SO cute and I mean come on... every college kid needs fun ways to organize plus I can't help but smile looking at them! Click here to see more.
2. Pedestal Jewelry Holder: this item was designed after vintage fabrics and I love how it can play as an "antique" yet it still very hip with the color. Click here to learn more about the piece.
3.Soup and Sandwich Duo Tray: my sister has been getting into cooking more and I think this would be a fabulous addition to her kitchen. Everyone loves a soup and sandwich combo for lunch plus the combos don't end there. Click here to snag this sweet gift.
4. Agate coasters: talk about something unique and beautiful! These beauties are teasing me and if I don't click away soon, both collections will be in my cart immediately. Click here to see the other set.
5. Stackable Lunch Pot: I took my lunch on the go all the time in college so I thought this handy dandy lunch pot was pretty awesome. Click here to get one for your college sibling.

Looking for more gift options for women? See here for UncommonGoods full collection of Christmas gift ideas.

For my husband, who loves all things sports and professional I thought of the following:

1.Shoe socks: my husband loves funky socks. It's become his "thing" over the past couple of years. He dresses professional for work so it's fun to throw a little something funky into this assemble. Click here to check them out.
2.Beard Pack: anything to help my handsome bearded man out is a plus in my book. I love the items in the set and the design of it, very man friendly. Click here to learn more.
3. Eye Glass Holder: so this one kinda makes me laugh but since my husband sometimes misplaces his glasses, I think this guy would be a great place for them to land. Click here to put this guy on your man's list.
4. Baseball Stadium Tie: like I said, the man loves sports so this tie would be a nice addition to his wardrobe and would support his love of sport. Click here to see more detail.
5. Football Cuff Links: quite possibly my favorite item on this list. These cuff links are made from pieces of old seats from the stadiums! How cool is that? My husband would love something like this. Click here to see what stadiums they have represented.

Looking for more gift options for men? See here for UncommonGoods full collection of Christmas gift ideas.

I love finding thoughtful, well made, and unique gifts. If I can find gifts from small business owners, companies that give back, companies that are mindful of the environment, or companies based here in the great United States, I'm even happier. And I just love that companies like these are growing in number and becoming more and more successful. UncommonGoods is rocking all of this and so much more and I'm super pumped about their Christmas goodies this year. I had the privilege of working with UncommonGoods once before and shared about how they work with non profits like RAINN and Women for Women, and others. Their purpose and and vision is to  "feature unique designs and hand crafted gifts created in harmony with the environment and without harm to animals or people."

If you were to pick one thing for your wishlist from UncommonGoods, what would you pick?
Click here for their Christmas gift ideas!

If you love learning about new products available and the stories behind them, follow their blog, see here.
Their instagram is full of fabulous inspiring photos plus they love doing instagram challenges. Follow along here.

Which items do you like most?

The pictures on the boards are from the UncommonGoods website.

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