Monday, November 24, 2014

The Love Story: A Dark Gray T Shirt

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When we finally talked on the phone again, Kevin was shocked to hear my interpretation of his email.It took a while but I was finally convinced he didn't mean it quite the way it sounded. We resolved to maintain a consistent date night monthly but not weekly, and of course see each other whenever possible. With Kevin moving into an apartment just down the street from my own, as opposed to the dorms, seeing one another was going to be easier anyway.

The weeks to camp were winding down. I was headed straight to Florida to spend time with my sisters and mom. Kevin and I talked over our plans of seeing one another for the first time in nearly two months. We wanted to have a weekend trip together before the crazyness of a new school semester settled in. We planned to go to Dallas and check out the zoo, tour the Dallas stadium and spend time with his grandparents.

I walked away from camp and back into the real world. I missed Kevin something awful but we were still a week away from each other. It felt like the time would never come to an end. In Florida, I filled my time with beach days and random things with my sisters and mom. I decided to be extra cheesy about seeing each other for the first time in two months and with the help of my mom and sisters sent Kevin a dark gray t-shirt to wear when he picked me up from the airport.

I dressed in a pink sundress and heals. My sister helped me curl my hair and I set off from Florida to Oklahoma City. I got onto my plane in Tampa all confident and happy. My heart was fluttering, I felt great in my outfit and I finally felt the time between Kevin and I coming to a close. We landed in Houston later than planned and my connection flight was halfway across the airport. I had only minutes to get there. I grabbed my heavy carry-on and started my trek across the airport.

Immediately, I regretted my decision to wear heals. Who in their right mind wears heals to the airport with a heavy carry-on?! Me, that's who. My carry-on was literally a carry-on too. There was no just pulling it on wheels behind was basically a suitcase version of a duffle. It was not easy to carry whether it was light or heavy, and it was half my size.

I arrived at my gate, sweating and cursing the heels on my feet. I collapsed onto my seat just barely in time before the door closed. The lady at the front of the plane motioned about how to buckle the seat belt and operate for emergency procedures...and I begged myself to quit sweating so my hair would be somewhat still curled in a couple hours when I landed in Oklahoma City.

Off the plane in OKC, I couldn't keep my heart from racing. I was nervous and excited and overwhelmed with happyness. I turned the corned and expected to see Kevin. Not there. I chose to go down to the baggage claim instead. My stomach was churning with eagerness,I scanned the room on my descent down the escalator. I saw him.

A smile spread across my face and we collided in a happy embrace. Today was most certainly a fairytale


  1. Yay!

    chuckling at the "who wears heels!?"

  2. Awww! And I did laugh about the part with you wearing heels--you definitely wanted to look cute, didn't you? It's a very rare thing to ever find me in heels, haha!


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