Friday, November 14, 2014

Quiet & Loud Moments

I'm pretty sure every new month I think wait?! Where did ____ go?! And the coming of November is no different. I swear October was over in a flash...and yet some of these pictures feel like they happened many months ago instead of just last month!

With Paisley's birthday, a trip to Texas, halloween fun, the corn maze, a trip to the pumpkin patch, football games and just random life going on, it was a full full month. November and December promise only even more things on the calendar. I'm working hard to focus on the present, be fully rooted in my Christ and His teaching, and enjoying every quiet moment in between the loud ones.

How will you be preparing for these two crazy months?!


  1. time sure is flying right on's nice to reflect on the fun captured moments of each month!!

  2. Nice Impressions! I also think that times go by too fast. I can´t imagine that 2014 is over soon!


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