Thursday, November 13, 2014

Paisley Grace Turns 2

Well folks, today I'm in AUSTIN, TEXAS learning about the science and history behind plastic laminate, thank you Wilsonart. The perks of being an interior designer. I thought I'd share about Paisley's second birthday today while I'm away.

About a month ago, we celebrated our puppy girl turning TWO years old! My goodness, where did my cuddly, little, furbaby, puppy go?? I miss her littleness but I sure don't miss her puppy teeth. She's turned into quite an obedient, and pleasant pup and we completely adore her. She is definitely our "child," only difference is she puts herself to bed and we only have to feed her twice a day. ;)

Kevin made her a new video to celebrate her second birthday, just like last year. I wasn't sure last year's could be topped but I think I've already watched this one ten times since we posted it to youtube.

We also celebrated her big day with a trip to her favorite place, the river. She had a BLAST and we took tons of pictures. We love our precious puppy girl.

Happy Birthday Miss Paisley Grace!

How do you celebrate your puppy's birthday?!


  1. Welcome to Texas, even if it is for a short visit!

    That picture of Paisley and her treats is adorable. Happy Birthday, Paisley!!

  2. She is one happy girl! Looking forward to watching the video when I get home!

  3. such a cutie!! happy birthday paisley!

  4. Happy birthday to your "kiddo"! :-)


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