Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I survived 10 days without a phone

A puppy picture is appropriate for any blog post...right?

A few weeks back I was at Target getting groceries. I checked out, having successfully saved many pennies with the ever so handy Cartwheel app, was pushing my cart toward the door while simultaneously fumbling with my phone to drop it in my wristlet when...

my phone slipped and fell to the ground.

I grumbled to myself and bent down to pick it up. If I could earn money for the many times I have dropped my phone, I thought. It had landed face down so I picked it up, turned it over and to my horror found a seriously cracked screen.

My immediate reaction was wait no, that's not real! And then I grumbled the rest of the way to my car, highly irritated with myself. I sat in my seat, looked at the phone screen and thought about how I was going to break the news to my husband. It was so severely cracked that I couldn't even unlock the screen to access messages.

The next day, a Wednesday, I took it to one of those mall kiosks, who couldn't help me,  they only did iphones. Another day went by. By Friday, we found a local phone repair shop near our home. Kevin took it in and we crossed our fingers it would be done the following Monday.

Since Kevin and I were rather good at keeping in contact via google hangouts or skype during the day at work, it didn't really hurt out communication. I'd learned that I could text my mom with my ipad since she had an iphone, so we stay connected. Lately, in the evenings, I had been working on not using my phone and just being present with my husband so not having a phone just strengthened that. But communication with those without iphones or facebook, etc, like my dad was not exactly the easiest.

I really missed my driving-home-from-work-phone-talks with people.
I didn't miss having to keep up with my phone and being mindful of where I'd put it last. Seriously.

On Monday, the phone wasn't finished due to a late part. Tuesday was veteran's day, no mail came.
Cue meltdown.

At that point, it had been a complete week. I was fully expecting to come home from work that night to a phone and when it didn't happen that way, I flipped. I was leaving the next day for a business trip and was not happy about being out of town without a phone, to put it kindly. And boy did my husband get a mouthful.

Some deep breaths, I'm sorries, and hugs/kisses later, I chilled out. I got on the plane the next day and came home on Friday safe and sound, and my phon,e with it's newly repaired screen awaiting me on the kitchen table.

10 days.

I'd do those 10 days over again any time. I really didn't miss the nagging of the cell phone, the need to check instagram, my text messages, or twitter constantly. What I missed the most is what the phone was originally invented to people.

I think I'm going to train myself to put my phone down and away more often.

Ever gone a long time without your cell phone?!

And on a side note...I'm pretty much obsessed with listening to the Bobby Bones show everyday...anyone else with me?


  1. 10 days is a LONG time. and I listen to bobby bones every morning!

  2. Yikes! That is a long time. Of course, the real irritation in all of this is that everyone still caters to only iPhones....ridiculous!

  3. We're currently sharing one phone ever since we moved to China--the first time I wished I had my own phone was yesterday when I wanted to call Angel to meet me at the bus stop and walk me home, but I survived the walk home alone anyways, haha! It does feel pretty different not having my own phone since I've had one since I was 15...

  4. I listened to the Bobby Bones show everyday on my way to work in Austin!! It's been Lunchbox still on the show?? Haha


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