Friday, November 7, 2014

Football Season

The potential for cool air and winning streaks bring a crazy amount of excitement to this home. Kevin gears up early on and maintains a steady amount of football adrenaline throughout the season. Whether we are rooting for our SOONERS or Kevin's beloved COWBOYS, or even my hometown TEXANS...this house is in constant football mode. Hence the football decorations

We've wiped our tears from a couple losses by our SOONERS this year but I'm still holding on hope for a strong finish to the season. They're playing on my birthday a month from today and I'm expecting a WIN as a gift!

My dad is in town this weekend so we plan on filling his time with basketball, football, and more football...Kevin is stoked about a Saturday filled of football. The sweet man has been selecting the games he HAS TO see with more care this year, meaning less football than normal. I've got to stock up our home with football treats for the weekend...what are your favorites?


What's your team?

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