Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Behind the Blog

Yes, I love the new Swift album & I've been listening to it non-stop....

Heavens to Betsy posted this  many weeks ago and I loved hers so I thought I'd do it myself.

favorite post to write // I'm going with My Deepest Dream because I was so transparent about what my biggest dream, something deeply rooted in my heart.

most frustrating photo shoot // Goodness, there is a reason I don't do fashion posts. Of course there's also our first anniversary photo shoot in which we didn't consider what would happen when we brought our freshly groomed pup out for photos by a little pond.

post i'm most proud of // gosh this actually much harder than I thought it would be....I'm proud of my series on leading your own Bible study because it's something that has changed my life. I'm also proud of the series I'm still sharing on studying for the NCIDQ because it's something I wished I would have had when I was studying. 

popular post i didn't think would be a big deal // this diy for a baseball cap organizer. To this day it is the MOST popular post I've written by a landslide, so much so that I did an update on it here.

post i was expecting to take off that didn't //recently this post on a collection of my favorite fall DIYs I've done, and my farewell letter to my pillow. I thought the pillow one was hilarious...clearly it wasn't.

the closest to pinterest-famous i've ever gotten // Again the baseball cap organizer, the Kate Spade inspired college apartment concept board, my DIY pallet board nativity (one of my favorite Christmas decorations we have that I made), and the post all about our wedding budget.

quickest post i've ever written // hhmm any of those with lots of pictures and minimum words..last Friday's was pretty quick.

most successful link-up post // definitely the time I co-hosted with one of my blog bestie's on The Newlywed Game. Dang that seems like AGES ago now. I also did a BIG link up with lots of ladies for our first anniversary around that same time, One Year to Beyond.

weirdest search term to find my blog // my cavities...probably a result of the time I wrote about going to the dentist, I loathe the dentist.

Thank you lady for letting me steal this fun idea! 

Which of these posts are you most surprised about or have you not read? 
In other news, I think this blog will be seeing a face lift in the near future...what kind of changes in blog design have you been seeing lately? I'm trying to make some changes and just don't really know what way to go!


  1. Isn't it funny how you think people will love certain posts and then they love a completely different one? It kind of drives me nuts, hah. I would have put a lot more work into ones that people really liked if I had known!

  2. That's funny about your baseball cap organizer, I saw it randomly on Pinterest the other day and checked the link because I thought it looked like yours. haha Its funny the things that do or don't be popular, I am surprised by some old posts that people still click a lot.


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