Monday, October 27, 2014

The Love Story: Summer Lovin' ?

I'm a little late to posting today...but I took today off work and umm hello?! Taylor Swift's new CD came out so that required a morning trip to Target. And yes, we are on our 3rd listen of the CD right now. Yes, we, Kevin loves it as much as I we shall see at the end of the summer of our love story...

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It wasn't long until relationships became a conversation between the ladies of the group. I sat silently most times just listening to the stories. I was fairly convinced that I could in fact marry Kevin as opposed to another lady in my group who just wasn't sure yet, or as another one who was rather certain she would. Besides, this summer was going to be the biggest challenge for our relationship thus far, though my interior design major presented plenty of its own difficulties. 

I spent most of my days running between the office, the sanctuary, the field and the cafeteria. My days were long and exhausting but I learned to cherish the moments in the cafeteria. Those, ironically, became the calmest parts of the day for me. Most of the time my face was behind the camera snapping shots, or behind the computer documenting it all with uploads and blogging. But the cafeteria was my opportunity to sit with students and talk to them, learnt their stories, hear their favorite parts of the day and learn where they came from.

Kevin's days were much different, and often times kept us from communication over skype often. My team went to bed LATE, his team went to bed early. My team was on one time zone, his was on the other. My team spent our off day together going on adventures, his team spent their off days relaxing and recovering. My quiet days were his load out/load in days. 

Technology continued to play a huge role in our relationship, because though we couldn't always video chat, we could almost always keep up with text messages and emails. Sharing the precious beautiful moments that only those in Student Life will ever understand was among our favorite topics. I loved finally being able to relate and get why he loved this world so much.

Of all moments of my day, my favorite was worship in the evenings. Watching students worship pumped my heart like nothing else ever. I'll forever hold tight to the pictures I took of their hands in the air or crouched up on their seats, head between their knees. This was what this summer was all about. Kevin and I were growing in our relationship. But this summer was really about sharing Jesus with these precious students, and growing in Christ as His child. That is what would have the biggest impact in our relationship anyway.

I'm sitting outside on the porch of my luxurious condo at Orange Beach, beach team was definitely spoiled with their lodging, with my laptop on my lap, and the cool ocean breeze on my face, and Kevin's face on the screen. It was late for me but we had finally managed to squeeze in some time to chat. His team had already traveled all over and still had many places to go. Mine would be hanging out the beach for some time. Beach weeks were different, they gave me more free time during the day, which presented me more opportunities to try and connect with Kevin or other family and friends. Currently, I'd spent my afternoons writing out that first night we admitted we liked each other. It would be shipped out in a package to my sweet boyfriend shortly. I smiled, thinking of that night and the surprise he'd be receiving soon, as he talked about his day at camp and the day that lied ahead. We talked about our sisters and family before hanging up for the night.

Camp was nearing its end. I was back at the location we were for our first few weeks of camp. My team only had three locations this with several camp sessions, Kevin had many more. In our email chains, we had begun discussing what lied ahead for our future, specifically what our upcoming semester looked like as far as time together. The spring has given us fairly consistent Friday date nights and Sunday night reading time. This semester looked different for me as far as school went and I was afraid it would allow that same time of commitment. I explained this carefully to Kevin in an email. I continued to work on the day's pictures and blogging while awaiting his response. His words floored me and while I had planned on scooting out to the cafeteria next, I opted to head straight to my room instead, in case tears started. 

In so many words, Kevin said that he wasn't sure if that was going to work for him and we could try it but he wasn't sure how long it would last. I read, we shall see but this might mean we will break up. 

I slopped some peanut butter on two white slices of wheat bread and sat on my dorm room bed, lodging at this location was rather different from beach weeks, force feeding myself  the simple sandwich. I glanced at the clock, I didn't have much time till I had to go to worship. I forced the tears away, and sucked air into my lungs in an attempt to steady my racing heart. 

I wrote some words in response, threw my wet hair into a messy bun, slipped my green polka dot dress over my head and ran to worship, using everything within me to push all thoughts of the email aside.

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