Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Five Fall Favorite DIYs

Guys, it's been a while since I've posted a DIY around here. Some of you oldies know that I used to post them all the time. Can I just tell you something? DIY posts are exhausting! I mean it's really quite enough to do the DIY, let alone document it with pictures, consider what worked and didn't work, edit pictures, and write up a post on it. That takes a lot of time and these days I just barely have time to get DIYs done and maybe share a picture of the end product.

BUT once upon a time I shared some DIYs, specifically Fall related. So here are some of my favorites, some notes on them on what they look like now and links to their original post.

These are my top____ favorite fall DIY's.

#5: Candle Kern Vases

DIY post with instructions
This DIY is so easy. Every year I just pour the kernels into a ziploc bag and store them away. I don't usually light the candles I used in these vases for a couple of reasons. 1. I can keep them year to year and 2. they were from our wedding. This is one of those super easy DIYs that it almost should be considered a DIY. My favorite thing about it though is how much it can change year to year. Like this year I'm using completely different vases(or a platter in this case).

#4: Autumn Paper Banner

Pictured in this post
I don't have a post on this one because I made it last year admist studying. We all deserve study breathers (and thank goodness I passed that sucker this spring, no more studying!). This was a simple DIY but it makes such a big impact. I cut the shape out from scrapbook paper I had, used a vellum to write on for the letters, fasted a brad through them all to hold them together and used mini clothespins to attached them to ribbon(last year)/leaf garland(this year). They're easy to store, I just unpin and lay them flatly against each other and pop them into a ziploc baggie to keep them safe.

#3: Wire & Berry Wreath

Picture sin this post
Yep I still totally love this one. I had a hard time putting it away at the end of last Fall...which basically means that I didn't and I decided it worked for Christmas too. I smiled when I pulled it out of the box this year. This wreath was cheap, super easy, and just perfect. I love hot it looks in an empty frame like last year and this year over our fireplace. Sweet and simple. No complaints.

#2: Fake Monogram Pumpkin

DIY post with instructions
So this one totally came from pinterest. It's a bit of a pain to store, so there's that. I used spray paint on mine and it's definitely cracking in some places. It isn't super noticeable yet so I'm not too concerned but I've definitely notice it get a little worse. Perhaps it just needs another coat? Either way, I'm still glad I made this guy, he looks great on my front porch. Especially on my new crate table Kevin made me!

#1: Book Pumpkin

DIY post with instructions
This is most definitely my favorite fall decor that I have and that I've created. It seriously took forever but it was worth it. My only struggle now is storing it. It's been smushed a little so it doesn't sit as perfectly fluffed out as it did once upon a time, but it still has most of it's shape. Since we moved into our duplex, I've found a better place to store it.

Other Fall Favorites:
Last Minute White Chili 
Football Krispies
Football Season Decorations

In candle news, this one is my new favorite and it's from Target yall! (none of this $30 candle from anthro business)


  1. Looks great! Love your framed glass, those are neat. I totally didn't realize that white painted pumpkin was fake, and sat here wondering how you made it look exactly like the one you made last year before I read and realized it wasn't a real pumpkin. haha

  2. The book pumpkin is so cool!


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