Friday, October 17, 2014

I I Shake it Off, I Shake it Off

making : dinner plans for a sweet couple from our life group at our home

cooking : probably a chicken and some quiche

reading :  The Hope Quotient and I just finished The Hundred Foot Journey (good book! I want to see the movie now)

watching: Nashville last night...UMM HELLO dude, just give hayden a chance to be happy puuleeeeaasssee (also, am I the only one who thinks this new singing girl is up to no good?)

playing: Shake it Off and counting down days till T swift's CD is released! I'm half trying to decide if I'm going to make Kevin take me in the morning before work...
also, please watch this:

sewing: nothing new as of late but I am considering making my little cousin an apron for kitchen...anyone know of a a good tutorial?
wishing: that my Dr can adjust my thyroid meds soon and I can actually lose some weight!

enjoying: that I have the next TWO Mondays off, using up those final vacation days

likingThe Neiman Marcus cookies I made last Sunday...yum yum yum

wondering: About what to pick up for my Paisley girl, she turns TWO on Sunday!
listening: to SHAKE IT OFF

thanking: my incredible Savior for always providing.

going: to the game this weekend!!! I literally found out 5 minutes ago

loving: my sweet man and his willingness to help me out with, One Closet to Another that Samantha and I started! Are you following us yet?? We can't wait to post up the goods! Follow us and keep your eye out! (click the logo to take you to the instagram account)

hoping: to make some $ off my art pieces & clothes in order to pay for unexpectedly having to replace Kevin's car. Whatcha think of this newest one?

marvelingat the way the Lord works within hearts

smelling: Paisley Grace, she needs a bath PRONTO...but a better smell is this pumpkin cheesecake candle I picked up from Target last week, yall

wearingJeans and my very first OU shirt with my Sperry's...BOOMER SOONER!

noticing: the list of to-dos growing

knowingGod sees me, God loves me, God has me
pinning: recipes to make
gigglingat our blogger video (above)


exercising: by getting with the FriskyFall series by ToneItUp but definitely skipping out on today's work out.

1 comment:

  1. Aww...thyroid issues are rough.I hope that gets worked out.

    I LOVE that new art! I'd be all over a Baltimore one.


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