Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Costume Reveal

Guys, it's halloween and honestly it's my least favorite holiday. I'm not into scary things, or creepy thing. Haunted house? Heck no! Growing up my family just really didn't do halloween, and neither did Kevin's family. We've done some fun parties with friends in the past but the last two years have been much more chill. There was our last minute creepy bride and groom costume (which is literally the "scariest" costume I've ever done) two years ago and then last year didn't even dress up. In college we were Prince Phillip and Sleeping Beauty (our favorite until this year).

This year we embraced our most favorite tv show characters of all time. If you've read this blog for a while, you've probably learned at some point that Kevin and I are rather obsessed with Boy Meets World. I mean, I even wrote once about how I married Cory Matthews. Last weekend, my office had a halloween party with costumes required so we did it, we dressed up as Cory and Topanga! And it's the best thing ever.

So the outfits were pretty easy to put together. I had the dress from one of my college friends' mom's random consignment store shopping. The scrunchies are from Claire's, I mean where else...haha. The vest, my shoes, and Kevin's shirt were picked up at at Goodwill by my office. Kevin is wearing some of his own baggier jeans and his old basketball shoes. And my hair was done with a small curling wand by the loveliest friends (pictured below) who were willing to do my hair while we watched a movie for nearly TWO HOURS! The hard find was Kevin's wig, I google searched like crazy until I found one. I found it first on ebay and then on amazon. It comes in nearly every hair color you can think of and definitely was the priciest item of the costumes, $12 but worth it!

Dear Cory & Topanga, we love you in Girl Meets World too. Love, your biggest fans


  1. hahaha! Please don't hate me if I say I've never even seen it. :P But you guys would be cute in any sort of costume!

  2. That really was such a fun idea - so glad you two did a little photo shoot with it!

  3. All I have to say is: #winning

  4. Too cute! I'm not into halloween and scary either! Sometimes I feel like the only one—even the younger students are into haunted houses and horror flicks.
    No thanks—"boo" from my brother around the corner is enough for me! haha


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