Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fast Cars & Freedom

A few weeks back now I took a trip to see the youngest daughter of a sweet family friend have her quince. If you don't know what a quinceanera is, I encourage you to google it. It a a drastically short description, it is a traditional 15th birthday party for a young girl in Latin American families. It's a coming out party if you will that back in history signaled the daughter becoming a woman.

The traditions of the party and the ceremony are so sweet and I've really come to enjoy learning about them, and now been able to attend two. Even if my mom and I missed the ceremony a couple years ago for the first daughter, whoops.

This year my mommy and I had planned to fly into Houston and help decorate, set up, and attend just like the last time around. Unfortunately, my mom's doctor advised her not to travel with her back, please continue to pray for healing for her here. With that news and the fact that I was traveling to Houston and not planning on talking to nor seeing a good friend, my heart began to hurt and I was really disappointed.

I went anyway and can I just tell you? I had the most wonderful trip to Houston I've had in a LONG time. No worries, no regret, no concern that I was letting someone down. It was relaxing, peaceful, included good food, a fun party, and some sweet sweet time with some girlfriends. The Lord gave me the best weekend there and while I missed my mom being there and my heart still hurts about the lost friendship, I found freedom and peace that weekend that I was able to bring home with me. Isn't it so sweet when the Lord knows exactly what we need before we do and gives it to us? We sure are spoiled children of the King.

Fast Cars & Freedom played in my car on the way home from Lifestream last night...hence the title of this post...which basically has nothing to do with Fast Cars & Freedom by Rascal Flats (except for mmmaybe there are fast cars in Houston and this weekend was freeing? ...that's a stretch). Random explanation of title over.


  1. How fun that you got to go! I know quinces are such a huge deal!

  2. So glad you were able to have an amazing time, even with a few disappointments. Isn't it amazing how God never lets us down and turns not-so-good situations into the best ones?! I'm in awe, over and over again.

  3. I have never been to a quince before, but I have always wanted to! Actually, I wish I had had one myself :) It looks like it was a great time. And I'm so glad you have such a good trip to Houston!

  4. Every girl deserves to wear a big pink dress like that.

  5. She looks SO pretty! I'm glad you got to share in her special day. :-)

  6. Houston's my hometown (basically) so I'm so glad that you had a great time there! Also, what a lovely pink gown---I see girls taking quince pics around Hermann Park all the time, but this gown has to be one of the prettiest I've seen.

    Another Beautiful Thing


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