Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall Days

It's beginning to feel a little like fall around these parts. We've had a day here and there in the 70's. This last Saturday was one of those days. With pretty weather and Saturday morning with my husband (evening shifts bring only one good thing, Saturday mornings with my man), the weekend began in a sweet way.

Some morning cuddles, a homemade breakfast in our tummies and some fallish attire on, we enjoyed the cool morning on a local pumpkin patch.

If you live in Oklahoma, you have to get a picture with an oil derrick at least once, right?

soo can I just go back to last Satuday morning now?

What have you been up to for fall?


  1. great pictures! i am obsessed with mini pumpkins right about now :)

  2. all those pumpkins!! Lovely photos

  3. How fun!!! We're going to the pumpkin patch this weekend and I'm so excited!!! :-)

  4. So fun!! I love those mum pictures. I don't think we are going to make it to a pumpkin patch this year but hopefully we will be able to have a fall family day next fall :)

  5. This post is perfection! I adore Fall and you two are absolutely fabulous! Great pictures! xoxo


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