Friday, October 3, 2014

Cake, Currently, and Wedding Dresses

I made my first tye dye cake pieces with a funfetti box mix for the boys when they watched football a few weeks back, he LOVED it!

making : plans with Holly for the great idea Bekah put together, Oklahoma bloggers stay tuned!
cooking : nothing...last thing I made was cheesy quinoa on MONDAY, which is delicious but still.
reading :  The Hundred Foot Journey, Whispers of Hope, and Hope Quotient (also I just finished the audio version of If I Stay & Where She Went...without totally spoiling things...finally a pretty happy ending!)
watching: at this very moment, Ellen...and I just finished watching Nashville
lookingat my sleepy puppy, we randomly stopped by holly's house in our jammies moments ago and she just LOVED seeing her friends.
playingMelissa & Joey on Netflix at work when I'm doing busy work
sewing: thinking about sewing pillows for Christmas gifts...
wishingfor husband to magically get tomorrow off work! Evening shifts ARE NOT fun.
enjoyingthe fact that tomorrow involves a lot of project tours and it's half day Friday!
waiting: for my tired eyes to be tired enough to fall asleep
likingthat I get to see Kayla & Kristina this weekend to see If I Stay
wonderingabout when I will actually get to finishing a project for one of my co-workers & starting on a project for Veronica's little girl
listening: to the cast of Scandal on I'm totally lost because I don't watch the show and I'm writing a blog post and not really watching...
thanking: my incredible Savior for providing for me! This week I put up my FRAMED certificate in the conference room...this is real yall, REAL!
going: to the great state of TEXAS next weekend!! Can't wait to see some beloved friends!
lovingplanning out Christmas on the watch for a list on places to shop!
hoping: to make an effort to get some of my print work done this weekend
marvelingat God's infinite sovereignty 
smelling: the dryer sheet...clean clothes sitting next to me on the sofa
wearing: pajama pants and the same top I wore to work
noticing: how I need to work on my hope quotient about my body
knowingGod sees me, God loves me, God has me
pinning: lots of work's just an easy way to bookmark products
creating: some cute prints for people!
exercising: by getting in my cardio work but skipping out on toning...whoops
loving: this beautiful background! 


admiring: these wedding dresses at affordable prices on weddingshe. I don't know about you but I'm still obsessed with watching Say Yes to the Dress. I seriously doubt I'll ever tire of looking at wedding dresses.

But back to WeddingShe, they have bridesmaid dresses in addition to gorgeous bridal gowns. I know one of my friends ordered her wedding dress online instead of in a store. Based on what I see on this site, you can definitely save some bucks! They have all the styles you could want too, like these cheap mermaid dresses

What do you think? Would you buy your dress online? Or did you? These were some of my favorites:



  1. You are so good to be thinking of Christmas gifts already!! We have lots of October birthdays in my family so I need to concentrate on birthday gifts first :)


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