Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekend in Review

It seemed like a while back everyone in the blog world reviewed their weekend in pictures on Mondays. Looks like that trend has cut back a bit. I know my blog sure hasn't done that in a while, mostly because I've not really blogged on Sundays lately. Well football is back now meaning that my one on one time with Kevin has decreased some on Sundays. So while he's watching his favorite games, I'm blogging away at the computer, and we all say welcome fall.

This weekend was sweet and special. Saturday morning I awoke to Kevin beside me. A simple luxury for us. Kevin normally works Saturdays so this was a rare treat that we both cherished. Kevin showered and proceeded to make us breakfast, a rare treat for me since I'm the general breakfast maker. I wish I could put into words the way Saturday morning felt. Special, sweet, precious, heart warming, joyful....those are just a few of them that come to mind.

It was wonderful and yet my heart hurt a bit. I might sound like a whiny baby here since many of you are away from your husbands on weekends or possibly longer for all kinds of reasons, but this is the way I feel. I hurt because I was loving Saturday morning so deeply and it made me realize how I don't get this every weekend. It made me realize what I'm missing every weekend but not having Saturdays with him.

His schedule normally works out just fine for us. I miss him every Saturday for sure but I've learned to use that time to hang out with girlfriends, work on craft projects, or clean house like a crazy woman. I've almost always found a way to fill my Saturdays but I'd choose to have Kevin home over all those things, even though most of them are wonderful things.

And I that's where that little rant will end,  guess.

Kevin didn't let me play pity party for long on Saturday and sweetly made me forget about my woes and enjoy the time with him. And I did just that. I fully enjoyed Saturday with him. We ate a yummy breakfast together, worked on some small projects together, watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 days together, watched some football, walked campus and met up with StudentLife friends/bosses, and watched the Sooners put another victory in the books at home with our Paisles, homemade pizza and cupcakes.

Paisley ADORED the attention and loved getting to run around campus. In her words,  I love being on mom and dad's college campus.

 Paisley is a model dog...

 The beautiful stadium from far off

 My College of Architecture in the background

 One of the favorited views of the University, seen better in our anniversary pictures

 the iconic big red backdrop will one day soon go away as the stadium project will completely change the face of this side of the stadium
 no matter who we play each week, you'll always hear; "texas sucks!"
 Just a little dance session on the intersection of Lindsey and Jenkins

Sunday, we got up and showered to make our way to church, but we lost track of time once we started looking at plane tickets to go home to Florida for Christmas and before we knew it we were late to leaving for church. So we did church online from our living room. And it was one of my most favorite church services from home ever. I loved our church from home this weekend. It was so special and just filled my heart.

We did buy plane tickets for Christmas. Fact, if you're going anywhere at Christmas by plane you should shop and buy in JUNE, yes JUNE! Thankfully, we found some that were half the price we anticipated, a huge relief. Now we are just praying Kevin gets off the days we now have tickets to be gone for.

We enjoyed leftovers for lunch and then football came on. GO COWBOYS! Kevin let us watch Girl Meets World over half-time, I don't care what anyone says that show is cute even if it is incredibly cheesy...I mean if you loved Boy Meets World (and by loved I mean obsessed) then you'll like Girl Meets World just fine. And now, I'm here blogging, in my robe which I've had on since my shower this morning. Sundays are good, are they not?

The rest of our Sunday has some little projects in it and dinner with a couple who has agreed to be our mentors (insert excitedness here) and then possibly a grocery run.

Living just a simple life here, nothing incredibly exciting or noteworthy but it all makes my heart swell with gratefulness and my mouth turns into a smile. Life is a sweet and special momentary gift the Lord has given us.

What did your weekend look like?


  1. Aww! So nice to have your hubby for the weekend! My first jobs out of college I had to work Saturdays which was awful for the same reason!

    I so need to watch girl meets world. haven't seen a single episode yet (but want to!)

  2. Oh yeah, planning ahead for Christmas-time tickets is a good idea! Angel's job always had him working holidays so we've usually traveled at off-times, but sometimes it's nice to be with family on the actual holiday! And I definitely know what you mean about extra-treasuring time together when work schedules don't allow it all that much.


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