Monday, September 22, 2014

The Love Story: Zig Zag

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guys, please tell me we look like kids here and I do actually look somewhat older... 

The days before the trip I went into studio project stress mode. I was in studio as much as possible to try and accomplish as much as possible before the trip. I was stressed to the point of tears and was having a hard time letting go. I was excited to go on the trip, but the work I was leaving behind was tearing my scheduler-planner problems apart.

And then Kevin came. He brought dinner from Applebee's and prayed with me right there in the computer lab. Slowly, slowly I let go and finally started to really get excited for the spring break trip with the BSU.

The BSU spring break trip promised a week away from school, out in God's beautiful creation in Colorado for some time in the Word, and time with friends. I craved the time with my friends and Kevin, that along with the excitement of a day of skiing drove me to accept the trip, instead of flying to Florida. 
Our days were jam packed with Bible studies which were great but mentally exhausting. One afternoon Kevin pulled me away from my friends and put out blanket on the grassy hill down the way from the cabin we all stayed in. We lied there side by side, holding hands, giggling and reflecting on all we had learned. I was loving learning from an older couple there and hearing how the Lord would speak to them individually about things they would do together in marriage. We were only a few months into dating but the sessions with that couple encouraged my heart about the marriage I may one day enter. Lying there on the hillside chatting, smiling and enjoying time together, I wished we could just stay in that moment.
But the week continued and brought more fun and adventures to us. We rock climbed to caves, took trails to waterfalls, went on many walks, I made my first March Madness picks, and we went skiing. I had been anxiously looking forward to skiing with Kevin since the day I signed up for the trip. I loved skiing but I was terrified to "teach" Kevin to ski. My previous time skiing several years back with a friend was less than grace-filled. 

We got up earlier than most everyone else and ate some breakfast bars in the bus on the way to the ski slopes. I kept my gaze staring at the stunning scenery as I considered my action plan for teaching Kevin to ski. He had gone to the back of the bus with the excuse of an unhappy tummy. Several minutes went by, then half an hour, he still wasn't back. A friend turned to ask me if Kevin was okay. I wasn't sure I mumbled back. Suddenly realizing something was wrong. I sent him a text message to check in on him. Nerves, the drive, something was making his tummy upset and he couldn't calm it down. I wanted to help him but we were stuck on this bus for at least another hour and I had nothing but motrin in my bag.
The moment we got out of the bus I went to the ski lodge on hunt for some tummy meds. Kevin sat a bench taking deep breaths and bundling up for the slopes. I swallowed up the pills and we sat there for a moment to let him get his bearing straight. I looked at him, helpless, he looked back at me with determination in his eyes, well let's go! We got our gear and got in line for our first ride on a ski lift together, Kevin putting his tummy troubles to the side so we could enjoy this adventure together.
I wasn't the perfect teacher, and he almost gave up half way down run one. His tall person skiis kept criss-crossing on him as he made his turns and in frustration he threw his poles out and snapped. I'd not witnessed Kevin really mad before and froze in the moment. I skipped back and forth to reacting frustrated with his attitude and choosing to respond with patience. Leaning into God's strength I chose patience, and encouraged Kevin to keep giving it another try. We slowly made it down our first run, zigging and zagging across the mountain side. 
By the end of the day we had made several runs and Kevin came to love the sport almost as much as I did. Apart from him trying to be a tough kid and following me down a blue, crashing and twisting his knee up a bit, and me neglecting to re-apply sunscreen to my face, we made it out alive and happy.
The rest of the trip was a blast, despite my clown face, and we rode home breaking the rules by falling asleep next to each other on the bus ride. 

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  1. What a fun trip! I still have never skied in my life and need to give it a try!


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