Monday, September 15, 2014

The Love Story: Sharing Our Stories

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On the drive back to Norman, Kevin asked me about my interview and questions they had asked of me. I shared with him the several generic questions, most of which he knew answers to so I didn't give my response. Eventually, I told him they asked about my my story, my testimony. I was about to go onto the next question when he asked me to share that with him. I was stunned.
After a year and half of knowing one another and approximately three months of dating and we hadn't shared our stories with one another. In some ways he knew a good deal of it, just not in the way of how I share it. It stunned me that we hadn't shared our stories yet, and it stunned me that he wanted to know it. I wasn't sure M and I had ever shared our stories in quite this way before either. In the, you don't know me, here's my heart and what the Lord has done in me, way.

So I did. And then he did too. And our hearts grew even closer.
(read mine here)

Valentine's Day arrived and I had a date. An-in-person-take-me-out date on Valentine's Day. A first in my life. My first Valentine's date with a guy was with M and while it was sweet, it was still done through computer screens. This year, I had an actual date night out. 
I was going through all the usual fussy girl things, rummaging through my closet for what to wear, scrambling to turn on the curling iron and check with my roommates on jewelry and shoes. Kevin had planned a nicer dinner for us at Olive Garden, and together we planned to go see Valentine's Day afterwards with one of my best friends and her current guy. 
He arrived with a single rose in hand. He gave it to me with a sweet letter and explained that for every Valentine's day we spend together I would receive another rose, and expressed that one day he hoped he would be giving me a dozen. My heart fluttered. It was a sweet idea but more than that, he knew he wanted to spend several more Valentine's days together. It was overwhelming, exciting, and terrifying.
He whisked me away from the apartment and drove us to the town's Olive Garden which was busy busy busy. We finally got a seat and joked about the other couples in the room with us. Glancing around we picked out couples who'd been together a while, those who were newly dating and then the awkward ones too. Then we wondered what others thought about us. Could they pick out that this was our first Valentine's date? We giggled as we considered the idea.
Meeting up at the movies with good friends was the perfect way to make our first Valentine's date fun and pressure free. The movie was hilarious and we loved sharing it with friends. First Valentine's date in the books.

Of one thing I was consistently sure of, I wasn't getting tired of Kevin. It seemed in my past that inevitably I would get tired of people. I loved going to camp, but after a constant day and night week with those friends I would need a break from them. I think the same happened with roommates even now in college and we would give each other that time apart we needed. But with Kevin, I wasn't getting tired of being around him. He wasn't annoying me. I didn't need a break from him. Quite the opposite, I wanted more time with him.
And more of him was exactly what I was getting. We spent as much time together as possible. If I was on a project and he was busy, he still found a way to come and surprise me where I was. My schedule was full of balancing projects and portfolio work but Kevin was always finding a way to make me feel cared for. We learned to savor all the little moments in between my hectic interior design project schedule. A silly, sweet picture accompanied most of those moments. We didn't want to forget a thing.

Our spring was wonderfully filled with Friday date nights, and Sunday reading nights, with a good dose of school mixed in there. As February came to an end we eagerly anticipated a whole week together with no school to interfere. Our first trip together would be the BSU spring break trip and it was just days away now.


  1. Wow...I clearly need to catch up. Loved this post but clearly missed the one before.
    It's funny, high school me moped about never having a guy to share Valentine's with....and now that I do, we've never celebrated it (except for my new contest-entering tradition!)

  2. Just think of all the roses you're going to get when you've been together 60 years!!!! :-)


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