Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rainy Days

The rain has been steadily coming down since yesterday afternoon. The morning began with picking things up and setting up our guest room for a friend to come crash for a nap today. I love having a home to share with people. Hospitality is definitely one of my favorite things. The rest of my day will involve dishes, the SOOONERS game and helping the lovely Holly on her master bedroom(we are so close to done!) and I'm hoping to sneak in a chance to MEET Megan. And in the evening, I have a date night with my favorite man! It's a busy Saturday for me.

I am shoving Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday's blogtember posts into one.

Day 6: Currently post
Day 7: What's on your reading list?
Day 8: Music that moves you.
Day 9: Let's talk personality types.

making : plans for Thanksgiving...why are you plane tickets so expensive?

cooking : protein rich meals

reading :  Beth Moore's Whispers of Hope, just finished If I Stay and about to start the Maze Runner. If you're looking for encouraging and challenging books to read check out 7 & Interrupeted by Jen Hatmaker

watching: the Sooners currently, BOOMER SOONER YALL! AND WE JUST SCORED A TOUCHDOWN!

playing: My Youtube playlist lately. NeedtoBreathe's acoustic sessions are SO good! Check it out yall! Also, yes I love Taylor Swift's new song, see our music video here that Sar put together!

sewing: I finished the pillows I'd been wanting to sew and I also added an eyelit trim to my OU dress, and I made a football banner so my borrowed sewing machine has been BUSY BUSY BUSY

wishingfor the rain to stop...I'm a sun lover

enjoying: my precious puppy girl, she makes Saturdays at home alone SO much better

waiting: for the right time to get started on our living room shelf project we've been dreaming of.

likingmaking new blog friends through all the link-ups I've been participating in lately

wondering: about the last time I took a personality quiz... when I last took one I was more introverted but I think that's probably changed. I decided it would be more fun to do a few silly ones thanks to the PlayBuzz website:
What kind of leader are you? 
A DO-GOODER: Your main priority is helping others and working toward a greater good. Personal contact and connection is very important to you in a professional setting. You’re naturally optimistic and serious about your work. You surround yourself with people who have similar ethics and values so you can all work passionately toward a common goal. You believe that failure is a part of success and you welcome criticism, as it is the best way to improve. You will never give up on a task that aligns to your morals and improves the well-being of others. 
What kind of cupcake are you? 
OPTOMISTIC CORNMUFFIN: You are an optimistic cornmuffin! You love you for the way you are which is totally awesome. Your not the most fun person but you have lots of soul.
What structural element are you? 
A CORRIDOR: A social bee! you love family, meeting new people, and are always connecting everyone around you. You hate to be alone and love the buzz of the world moving around you.
Optimistic Cornmuffin Corridor Do-Gooder...what? These were weird and not totally off except for that cornmuffin one...definitely the weirdest. Plus, I mean a cornmuffin is not a cupcake?!

listening: to the sound of announcers about the football game,  I'm Sooner Born, I'm Soooner Bred and when I die I'll be Sooner dead, Rah Oklahoma Rah Oklahoma Rah Oklahomaaaa OKU!

thanking: my incredible Savior for this home. I adore it.

going: to Holly's in a little bit to work on her master bedroom!

lovingthe spontaneous date night Kevin and I had last night.

hoping: to work on some art prints this weekend for friends.

marvelingat the STUNNING sunrises lately

smelling: the dishes...gross, I really need to get to work on those.

wearingcropped work out pants and one of Kevin's OU shirts so it's big and comfy...yep pulling one of those looks today.

noticing: the Lord at work in me

knowingGod sees me, God loves me, God has me

thinking: about what to make for dinner tonight.

pinning: recipes to make

creating: thing for my home

gigglingat how fascinated Paisley is watching the rain today

exercising: by getting with the FriskyFall series by ToneItUp but definitely skipping out on today's work out.


  1. That trim on your dress is the best!

  2. Visiting from the link up! I love 7 by Jen Hatmaker, such a thought provoking read!

  3. I'm just got the sewing machine out again! Made my daughter a pillow for her chair.

  4. Sounds like you're making awesome use of your temporary sewing machine!! Maybe you need to get one of your own! And it's immensely frustrating how expensive plane tickets are!

  5. Love your football outfits!

  6. Hey there I have nominated you for the leibster award. charlsparkle.blogspot.com


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