Friday, September 5, 2014

Passion & A BIG opportunity!

A delicious no bake, no egg, cookie dough dip

Today's post topic could literally take hours to write. I don't have that time so you're going to get a quick and messy version.

Day 5: I am passionate about...

My heart swells with this prompt and I don't know where to start. One word, one name, can tie it all together: Jesus.

I am passionate about Jesus and His work.

I could leave it there but I'll elaborate a bit more, I'm passion about Jesus' work through college students as I get to watch them grow and learn and worship every Tuesday night, about the marriage the Lord has gifted Kevin and I, about the puppy Christ gave me at just the right time, about the family the Lord gave me to love and pray with, about the home He blessed me with to share with others, about the dreams He's given me to pursue, about the small group He's grown to insane levels, about the friendships He's helped me form over the last two year, about the occupation He's given me talent for, about the unborn children that will one day grace this home, about the way our family will share the name of the Lord, about the future, about revival, about Jesus.

I've written about a lot of this in the past.
Our small group and more
Serving college students
New friendships 
Interior Design
My BIGGEST dream & heart's desire

This prompt couldn't fit better with a project that Bekah has been working on. Have you had those moments where you realize the Lord is leading your heart in a certain direction but you don't know exactly how to get there and then bam He slaps it right in front of you? Well that's what happened to me, After reading 7 and Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker my heart has been moved to get more involved in the community and serving the people that live right with me. And then Bekah emails me with this fantastic project she's been dreaming up and the Lord says, see Veronica I've got this all figured GO!

Read her heart and get excited because I'm ready to see a big MOVE in blog world for the Lord's Name...let's be a people that goes! Let's be a group of people known for the way we impact this world not the fashion, cooking, crafting, diyers that most of the world sees us for. Bloggers, your voice and your ability to impact is HUGE! Join us!

 I've been dreaming big lately- about how nice it would be to see the blogging community in the community. So, I'm thrilled to present this nationwide blog meet up with a purpose: #givethanksgiveback. Here’s how it works:

I’m looking for (at least) one blogger per state to step up as a leader – your job will be to plan a charitable blog meet up for the month of November – run a canned food drive, serve lunch at a soup kitchen, serve others wherever you feel passionate about giving back! Each leader will display a master post in October linking to each state’s event info. All throughout the month, bloggers can access the information and sign up for November’s event. All are welcome to link up about their experiences after their event.

Grab button for Re•solve
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Here is the timeline:

Sept 8-13 – Sign ups for state leaders.
Oct 3 – Leaders must have November event scheduled and turned in for the master listing.
Oct 6 – All leaders post master listing to their blogs and post about their specific event between now and 10/10.
November – Meet up and give back by Thanksgiving! Blog about it and link up. Link up will be live 11/1-12/7.

I hope you're as excited as I am! Come back Monday if you're ready to take charge. Or, come back on 10/6 to find an event near you so you can also #givethanksgiveback!

I am so excited about this opportunity! I can't wait to see what the Lord does through this! Swing by Bekah's blog and let her know how awesome she is! I know I'm thankful that's she is stepping up to a dream the Lord put within her. 


  1. Love it! So what are we Ok bloggers doing?! I'd love to help if you want!

  2. What a FANTASTIC idea! {Can't join in, unfortunately, as don't live in the States, but have been totally inspired by your brilliant idea and have filed it away in my brain for use at a later date!)

  3. this is so creative and exciting! looking forward to seeing it unfold!


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