Friday, September 12, 2014


Today I'll be using the heater in my care...where did summer go???

 Well I've sort of been participating in blogtember and BlogEveryDayInSeptember this month. I've not stayed on subject with prompts in all of them, and it'll probably continue that way. I'm skipping the weekends because it's just not my thing. Saturdays are when I try and work on blog posts, and Sundays is when Kevin is home so I avoid blogging for the most part. If I'm not going to read blog posts on the weekend then I'm certainly not posting on the weekend myself.

Day 12: What are the first three blogs you started reading and did they influence your style?

Wow that's hard! I started blogging in 2011 after I had regularly been reading Recently Roached's blog(now inactive). She always made me laugh. I knew her in college through my sorority. She made people laugh all the time. I loved her writing style but it intimated me too. I was constantly telling myself that there's no way anyone would be interested in reading what I wrote...I wasn't nearly as entertaining as Recently Roached.

Then I began wedding planning and started reading a lot of blogs as a result of that, I said Yes to the Dress and really began to sink my fingers into the keyboard. Before I knew it I was all in. Those first few months happen fast don't they? Day one you're learning how to open a new post and hit publish, day two you learn that you can schedule posts and by the end of the first week you're joining link-ups, learning blog lingo, reading thousands of blogs, leaving comments everywhere and swapping buttons like a pro.

So I know Recently Roached was the first, but after that it all sorta goes into a blur. I think overtime some of my favorite bloggers have definitely influence my style though. I'll never be as funny as Recently Roached but Bloom (who's taking a break) taught me to share my heart more. Forever Newlywedded (also taking a break) taught me to share all the little things. Designer in Teal taught me to share more about being an interior designer. The Random Writings of Rachel taught me to be myself and not be afraid of that. ReSolve taught me to write n the things I want to. SimplyB taught me to share my love story, and also keeps inspiring me with her crazy amazing design work. Life of Love taught me to laugh at myself and share it and then maybe sometimes I can be funny. Oklahoma Pepplers taught me what it's like to become friends in real life after meeting in the blogging world.

I realize that's far more than three, They've all inspired me in different ways. And there are so many others I could list but these ladies have made the greatest impact on my writing.

Who's inspired you?

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  1. :) I can't tell you how honored I feel that you mention me as an inspiration to be very much yourself. That's a huge part of the "why" behind my writing, thanks for the encouragement that I'm doing that. I think we both started blogging regularly around the same time back in 2012...


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