Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How to Pass the NCIDQ, Part 3

You've got your books, supplies, links and everything you need to study so now it's time to get down to it. You'll need to create an action plan for yourself every week and stick to it in order to stay on top of everything and adequately prepare for your exam.

This was my action plan:

  1. READ the NCIDQ book
  2. Make note cards
  3. Take note of things that I didn't understand
  4. Organize
  5. Study with friends

I can't stress enough reading. Read the study book! Read topics it brings up that you don't remember in other books or on some of those sources from last week. In making note cards I was a bit obsessive, I wrote everything down. I basically turned the book into note card form. It was perhaps a bit excessive but in the end it paid off for me. You'll need to decide what is best for you. Do you want it all in note card form or do you want to just write the items you struggle with? Either way you choose, stick to it! Don't get lazy.

 I'll say that last one again, don't get lazy! Studying for the Q requires perseverance and dedication. Prepare yourself now to say no to events. Make a plan now to choose what you will and won't attend and adjust your study plan accordingly. You do need off days to break and recoup but you will have to narrow down the fun events you might normally have on your agenda.

I wished I'd really worked on organizing everything earlier in my study process. Get yourself a binder and create some tabs for different areas of the test, or the individual tests. As with the note cards and reading, stick to your organization plan too, you'll be glad you did.

Studying with friends or other professionals gives you time to talk out loud about subjects you couldn't remember that perhaps others remember better, review the tougher details and find camaraderie. Having someone to encourage you and battle through the study process with you is vital. Plan to meet at least once a week even if it just over your lunch hour. Something is better than nothing.

Got questions? Submit them here anonymously! 

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