Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to Pass the NCIDQ: Part 2

Passing the NCIDQ is a huge accomplishment and you will get there! Keep up your confidence because it is vital to your study days.

Another vital ingredient to passing is knowing your resources. I mentioned before that you are going to want the study book and practice exams but there is more out there to help you, not a lot of it is free, but there is some.

You have enough to read with all your studying material so I'm going to make my post on sharing these other sources with you quick and to the point. Today's I'm sharing websites out there that might help you out. Review them with care and compare any information you read with information from the NCIDQ website specifically. And always, fee free to ask me questions!

So with that, the links:  ( DOWNLOAD these and listen while you work or do dishes or whatever...great talks to help you with the IDPX! )

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