Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Timehopping, footballing, and blogging

a sweet phone pic from recently

So I caved and finally got onto the whole timehop bandwagon. I have to say the little dinosaur guy on the app is basically adorable. I can't believe it's taken me this long to do this. I'm getting sappy already. Today, two years ago I was uploading wedding pictures, and one year ago I was starting to study for the NCIDQ...which I've passed and I'm giving all the praise, honor and bragging rights to God!

I went on a run last night, and it was HOT. I'm serious, the high was 101 so you can imagine that at 6:30pm it wasn't that much "cooler."

Our small group friends got Paisley a new ball to play with. I give them props because it has proved to be indestructible by our destructing-dog but she's been completely obsessed with it. And it has a squeaker. It may be adorable but it's also annoying to hear her just constantly sqeeking that thing. This is the most obsessed she's ever been with a toy.

Kevin began fantasy football this past weekend. Which basically means he sees a "need" to watch every football game ever. So in other words, see ya next summer babe! He's in two leagues this year. I thought that was a lot until our cousin promptly informed me that her husband is in five. FIVE yall! 

Our home has been Soonerfied and it's awesome. I'll share some of that later this week. The first football game of the season is THIS SATURDAY! I can't believe it! All those little freshmen babies have been on campus for two weeks and hopefully most of them will be attending their first game this weekend, oh my first game...

This is the first semester beginning that I've not been on campus for and yet it's the first time that I've really felt the excitement of freshmen coming on campus. The Lord is stirring yall. I am so excited for what He's doing here in little-town Norman, Oklahoma in college students! 

Yes, it's true Kevin and I have been watching Bachelor in Paradise. Yes, it's ridiculous. Yes, that's all I have to say about that.

I miss Karla being in blogging world something awful but at least Samantha and Holly have been back at blogging again! Go check those pretties out! 

You can now watch youtube videos on pinterest without leaving pinterest! This means I can flip through all the work-out videos I want, faster! Here's my work-out board.

I found out I have an under-active thyroid. Something I wasn't sure I was going to share but well there it is. This means there's finally a reason for my insane weight gain and inability to fight any of it off. I'm praying that now that I'm getting that back in order that my body will get back in order and function correctly.

and basically those are some random thoughts for the day... what are some random things going on in your life?

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  1. Bachelor in Paradise yall are living right.

  2. Good to know one person missed me ;) And cute pic!!

  3. I have just installed the Timehop app on my phone and while I love it, golly I cringe at some of the statuses I used to write 4-5 years ago! ha ha. Sucks about your thyroid, but no doubt is a relief to know why your body isn't working as it should. I feel like we've hit the age where our bodies start to play up- I miss the days as a teenager where I didn't even have a regular doctor as I never got sick!

  4. 8. I believe that's Matt's latest league count. 😳


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