Monday, August 25, 2014

The Love Story: The First Kiss Picture

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The spring semester brought on a fairly consistent schedule of classes during the week, church, phi lamb events, and date night. The beginning of the semester included celebrating Kevin's birthday, ice skating, playing in the snow, an interview, our first valentine's day, bowling and of course lots of studio projects compounded with creating my portfolio for portfolio review. 

Kevin's birthday was on a Thursday so we celebrated just the two of us the day but planned to have a lot more fun celebrating at our, now regular, spring semester ice skate with friends. I wanted to secretly surprise Kevin with his favorite cupcakes so I had a couple friends come over to my apartment to help with the decorating process and drive over to the rink with. In between slathering sugary goodness over the cupcakes Kevin and I were having our first fight. otherwise known as a basic miss-communication. He was upset with me for hanging out with friends and not allowing him over or ride with me to the rink. I smiled at the expense of his frustration while doing my best to keep from erupting with frustration myself. I knew it wouldn't last and it would all be over once his face saw the cupcakes. 

Sure enough, I walked in the door with this enormous box, waddled it over to the bleachers, popped off the cover and the birthday boy gleamed. Cupcakes were shared with smiles and then we slid onto the ice, each of us wobbling around till we balanced out and got the feel for it. Ice skating was infinitely better with a boy who liked to ice skate and was good at it too. We flew around the rink, holding hands, taking pictures, laughing with friends. I soaked in each minute 

As the evening closed, Kevin gave his camera to Trey, his best friend, to take a picture of us that didn't include one of our arms in the corner. He did what we asked of him and then he held the camera at ransom, promising to throw it across the ice unless we stood kissing for a picture. I argued pointlessly with him until we both gave in, resulting in our first kissing picture, the first of many more to come.

Freshmen year brought so much snow, classes were cancelled for days. This year brought less snow but still a couple days off. Kevin plowed his way to my apartment and picked me up for some fun in the snow with friends on campus. I wore jeans, trying to be a little cute, an outfit choice I regretted fully later on. We hung out with friends, took more pictures-of course, and got so incredibly cold. After wandering campus and getting cold to our bones we opted for a movie in a warm dorm room. 

Kevin and I spent most of the time chatting to each rather than watching the movie. 

We were a few months into dating now and I wasn't getting tired of him even in the slightest. It was alarming but so sweet. I was falling for this tall, thin boy and I didn't want to stop it. It scared me but it thrilled me. 

Back in the fall, Kevin had convinced me to apply to work for StudentLife camps. I hesitantly filled out the paperwork, otherwise read as Kevin filling out half of it for me. As fate would have it I qualified for an interview, and the time had come. The interviews were being held in Dallas. Kevin planned out the whole day for us including a dinner with some of his previous summer team members. He talked excitedly about the opportunity our whole way there, while I sat in the passenger seat fretting. We arrived at the interview site and made our way to the room. We sat as I walked through things in my mind to remember. Then they called my name.

The interview went far from well, at least in my opinion, but it was the end that stuck in my mind. I held onto it. At the end of the interview, one of the men prayed for me. He prayed that if Kevin and I dating was something in His plans, and something the Lord was working for the benefit of his children that he would continue to strengthen us. But if that we were not to continue to date that He would give us clarity and begin to break us apart now before it went on too long and hurt even more.

It was a prayer that I would continue to pray through the entirety of our dating relationship.

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  1. The photos are adorable! You look so happy :)

  2. you both are too cute, and look at all those cupcakes!


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