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The Love Story: Christmas Break

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I hadn't been back to Houston since summertime. Driving down I-35 towards my mini-break-job, nannying for a precious family I just adored, I passed the exit for M's house and my heart sank a little. It was strange being back in my hometown and not seeing. More than that, not telling him I was here. My last month with Kevin had been so sweet but M and mine relationship end was still weird and still hurt some. One day I'd tell him that I wished only the best for him, and truly appreciated the time we did spent together, because the truth is, I learned so much through our relationship and it made my relationship with Kevin better. 

Nevertheless, I filled my Htown days with nannying, seeing friends and spending time with my dad until it was finally Christmas Eve. My dad dropped me and my sister, who had flown over on her break to spend time with friends, off at the airport and just like that we were in Florida. 

Florida, at Christmas time, is perhaps one of my most favorite places to be. The sand is still warm, even if the water is cold, and you can almost bet that come Christmas day you'll still be able to play outside. And that is exactly how I spent my time in Tampa with my sisters and mom. We went on day adventures, spent time at the beach, argued some (because four women in a small apartment, it's basically bound to happen), and enjoyed the short time I had. Before I knew it I was back on a plane headed to Houston to basic some bucks nannying and have some final time with friends.

I'd planned out my day to a "T" for my trip back to Norman. Kevin and I both anticipated getting back to Norman at about the same time. My apartment sofa was waiting for us to come and cuddle and kiss the time apart away. We had been in constant communication since we parted. Texting for the quick moments, emailing when we wanted to talk but couldn't, and calling whenever possible. Skype made for some fun and embarrassing moments with our siblings too. A few childhood pictures appeared all to soon for our young relationship. I later would find Kevin had screenshot those "beauties." Kevin, on the other hand, had been growing out a beard that I was almost scared to meet.

The Norman air was chilly, causing me to miss Houston & Tampa instantly. Having left at 9am I'd reached Norman just before the night hit. It took several trips to get all my belongings from my car back up into my apartment. The apartment had a stale feel to it, no one was there nor had any one been there since finals had come to an end. I flipped on lights in every room, shuffled things to my room and checked our pantry, empty. I considered leaving for food but then Kevin was supposed to be here any minute.

Half an hour went by and I finally gave him a call. His time of arrival had been seriously pushed back leaving me in my empty apartment alone for much longer than I had expected. Begrudgingly I left my home for food and came to my apartment to flip through tv channels. The sofa was pushed up against the wall of windows which overlooked the parking lot 3 stories below. At every glimmer of light I peeked through the blinds. My eyes were getting heavy and I wasn't sure how much longer I was going to make it without falling asleep until finally there was a knock at my door.

The man that stood at my door was not the same one I'd left back in mid-December. This man had a crazy long beard and a head of hair that was incredibly fluffy. Basically a cave man stood in my doorway but I couldn't help it. A huge smile spread across my face and I jumped into his arms before he even got all the way inside. We ended up right on the sofa, cuddling and talking as I marveled at his appearance, making it quite clear that this time of beardom had come to an end. Together at last and it felt so good.

He stayed long enough to tuck me into bed with a kiss before he left to find his own bed. 

Mornings in my apartment bedroom were among my favorite things. The sun slowly crept through my pink curtains, dousing the room in a rosy glow. It was peaceful and wonderful. I lied in my bed for a while contemplating the paint color I wanted. I love the cheerful ambiance that yellow promised but feared how bright and bold it might be. Watching the sun fill my room, it became clear, yellow was the perfect color.

The apartment was so quiet as the sun continued to light the living room and kitchen. I shuffled along the floor and enjoyed the silence. I adored my roommates but this time alone in my apartment was something I was going to cherish. Kevin texted me good morning soon after promising to arrive in the next hour. We each planned a day together before the spring semester stole all ourmy time away. Today we were going to paint my room, tomorrow we were attending a basketball game.

Apparently painting my room was not something Kevin had particularly looked forward to. He wasn't too thrilled having to carefully paint around the molding and he definitely didn't appreciate my attempted paint war with him but we still laughed through most of the process. The end result made me smile. It was a cheap and quick paint job but it would do. I had two more years in this apartment and I was determined to enjoy it. 

The new semester promised busier schedules but Kevin and I had already intentionally built in time together. Sunday evenings post chapter would be reserved for reading, first up Wild at Heart, and a weekly date night on Friday evenings. Time apart with our friends was purposely built in too. Second semester of sophomore year, we're ready for you!

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  1. ha! that throwback pic is great - and it's so obvious it's you! kudos to you for painting a rental - i love paint (but hate painting) and just don't find the money spent worth it even if it would look nicer.


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