Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's FOOTBALL Time in OKLAHOMA: Easy Football Decorations for the Home

Football season is here yall! Everyone is talking about it, tickets are being sold, it's here. Everyone in Oklahoma is ready to cheer on the Sooners for another exciting season.

I'm considering putting swapping our wedding pic for a pic of us at a football game...

Since last year I was up to my eyeballs studying and didn't decorate for anything except Christmas, I thought this year I could have a little more fun with FOOTBALL SEASON decorations. I'm not ready for Fall but we can decorate for football without decorating for fall.

Here are my three easy football decorations all made from things I had in my home or yard. 

1. T-Shirt/Fabric Banner
This is so easy! If you have a sewing machine, some ribbon, t-shirts and/or some fabric then you're ready to go. This is a great way to use up old school t-shirts and still get to see them!

1. Choose a shape and start cutting: Mine was mostly determined around using an old OU t-shirt for my middle piece. Cut that first piece out and use it as a template to cut through the rest of fabric/t-shirt. The number you cut out is determined by how long you want your banner.

2. Grab ribbon and lay it out: I pulled out some ribbon from my ribbon stash and just chose the longest one. Then I put the OU flag in the middle and built off from there. I wanted to a random look but you could easily go for a pattern. I chose to pin the end flags and stack the rest up in the order. You could pin the whole thing if you'd like. I'm just lazy. You can either sew the ribbon to the front or back, or you can fold the fabric over the banner. I chose to sew the ribbon onto the front. Whichever you decide make sure you've pinned it that way.

3. Get to sewing: At this point you're ready to sew. Hit that pedal and pull in each flag as it comes their turn. When you're done, hang it up and enjoy!

2. Football Jars
This one was a little tougher. I made this a couple years ago so I don't really remember everything about it. There's already tutorials out there so go check out pinterest for some others' tips & tricks. These jars made great utensil jars, which was their first use, flower vases, flag holders...really anything.

1. Choose some jars and paint: Choose jars that are similar in size and shape. Get some brown paint and paint it on. Mine kept bubbling up and peeling off. My only solution was to let dry and paint again and again. You might see if someone had another tip for this.

2. Paint the white: This is pretty self-explanatory but then you'll paint on those white "string" lines.

3. Finish it off: Like I mentioned, I made these a couple years ago and they still look just like they did when I finished them. My trick is to spray them in a clear spray paint when you're finished.

3. Fabric Flowers
I've made these once before but never did make a tutorial on them. Once again these were made with t-shirt fabric that I already had lying around. The sticks were from the neighborhood.

1. Make the cuts: Cut circles or flower shapes out of our t shirt fabric. I would stack 3 or four layers and cut through them all at once. You want about a 2-3" diameter. I just eye-balled it. Make a TON of these.

2. Gather the sticks and turn on the glue gun: Yep that's the next step. You want thinner sticks so you can really fill your jar up with them. The get that glue gun ready.

3. Form the flowers: Fold a circle/flower shape in half and again in half and cut a tiny hole out of the middle. Slide it over a stick, dab some glue around and then squish the fabric tightly to the glue around the stick. A "flowery" shape will naturally form. Do this for each stick and place in your jar. If you want fuller flowers, add more petals to each by just gathering each piece towards the center of itself and glueing it to the stick.

4. Chalkboard Art
You do need a chalkboard for this one. I made mine a while back with a board that used to have samples on it. Just get creative. Keep your eye out for a good shape at secondhand shops and garage sales, eventually you'll find something you love.

1. Find inspiration: I'm not a graphic artist so I usually copy something off the internet straight up. This time I sort of put a few things I saw together.

2. Chalk: I used regular chalk for this but I've heard great success with the chalk pens. If you're using regular chalk you're going to want a wet cloth and a dry cloth. The wet will help you clean up mess-ups but you need that dry to smooth the board out, otherwise you'll see the wet remains at the end.

3. Display: Find a place in your home to display it! I took a picture immediately because I have a black dog with a swiffer for a tail, but really, and ours is on the floor. Our board is big so it has to be there.

So those are it! Do you have any easy football crafts? I'd love to see them!!

Oh and of course, no post is complete without my lover lab in it. We missed "dog day" so here are some pictures I would have posted from recently.


Clearly she loves when I craft.

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  1. I love everything! The jars are especially fun!

  2. So cute ~ absolutely love the football jars (although I'd put orange and black in them:-)

  3. Your decor is too cute!!! We're not a football family but if we were I'd probably steal some of your ideas! :-)

  4. Oh my those jars are too cute! What a great idea and such a simple way to add decor to your home!


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