Friday, August 8, 2014

Flashback Friday

anniversary two-by the wonderful Birds&Coffee Design
I'm creating something new and calling it Flashback Friday
I was driving to work the other day and thought it would be fun to go back exactly one year ago or two years ago or however many years ago on the blog and see what was going on. Since I've been back into my scrapbooking I've been feeling more and more reminiscent so this falls perfectly in line with that. And so Flashback Friday was born. I'd love for you to join me if you think this sounds fun! 
So one year ago today, on August 8th of two thousand thirteen, I was posting about the summer of 2013. The post was entitled,  Summer Days Drifted Away, appropriately titled I think. Basically a summer recap...which is the perfect post to reflect back on, funny how that worked out (promise, I didn't plan it this way!)

time for my body to cooperate and I can fit back into those shorts!

One year ago, I was missing our vacation to Chicago //and today, I'm missing our vacation to Virginia & seeing Samantha
One year ago,  I was celebrating finally posting about our home and sharing pictures // and today, I'm realizing I've been just as bad and haven't shared like anything of our new home.
One year ago, my little Paisley girl was LITTLE //and today, I can still pick her up but she's no baby anymore (at least size wise, we all know she's still the baby)
One year ago, my friend had her second child, a little boy // and a couple weeks our mutual friend had her second baby, also a little boy.
One year ago, I reflected on the terrifying trauma of a massive tornado wrecking through the town 10 minutes away from me...but God yall // and today, people are still working to restore the community.
One year ago,  I couldn't believe Kevin and I had celebrated a year of marriage // and today, Kevin and I are 2 months into year three.
One year ago, I had just  been to Florida and spent time with my mommy and sisters // and today I'm looking forward to Christmas because I've not seen my sisters & mom all together in over a YEAR!
One year ago, I met Holly Peppler...otherwise known as someone who is instantly becomes a friend //and today, I'm helping her design her master bedroom and our puppies play together like ALL the time...which basically means we're best friends!
One year ago, Kevin and I got into furniture projects and re-stained our kitchen table and painted the chairs //and now, I want to repaint those chairs...
One year ago, I shared some of the concept boards I worked on //and today, I finished one this week and I'll be sharing it NEXT week!

time to get back into tennis!
I'd love to see your Flashback Friday! What were you posting about one year ago?

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  1. It is really cool to see what changes and what stays the same over the course of a year!


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