Friday, August 29, 2014

Deadline Days

Dear Husband, I've missed you this week. Between my late nights at work and your sickness we've been apart a lot and I am so very looking forward to tomorrow. Thank you for taking tomorrow off. It may have originally been just for the OU football game but I'm so excited about our 5K and rest of the day plans before game time. It's a sweet thing to have you with me on Saturday. I love you more with every day. I can't even imagine a man that would be a better fit. The Lord truly has worked in us, making us the best fit for one another. I love you! 

Dear Paisley, I'm glad your obsession with your new ball has slightly decreased. I love watching you play with it, I mean it's adorable, but that squeaky noise gets annoying. You are precious to your dad and I. Would you please drink from your water bowl when you're outside? It kind of worries me that the bowl is still pretty full when we come home at the end of the day. It's hot girl! Drink up! Or as your daddy says everyday to you, hydrate or die (except that's rather morbid...). Love you puppy girl!

Dear Deadline Days, You're not all that different from the final days before a project is due in school. It's kind of weird for me being at a firm where deadlines are actually real. At my previous job deadlines were more or less set by ourselves with no real consequences when they were not met. You've brought on late nights this week and that's not real "fun." I have to say though, you're far more enjoyable than school deadlines. It's fun having a crew of people who have good attitudes and enjoy working together. 

Dear Home, You are precious to me. I mean to say that I enjoy you, I'm blessed by you. The Lord gave me you and I am so thankful for you. I know sometimes I get caught up in the comparison game and wish you were bigger or more upgraded or that we owned you... but really I like you a lot, in fact I love you, you know in a safe way. You are slowly looking more and more like us and I'm enjoying the little projects you enable us. Thanks for having a garage, yard and lots of storage. Now, if you'd just fix your wiring issues, and get us a new owner who wants to change out your flooring I'd be thrilled to pieces.

Dear Blogging, I put you on hold for a long while. It wasn't cause I didn't like you, I mostly just decided to put my time into other things. I'm back or at least sorta back. I'll be here more often but probably not the same pace as before. You understand, right? It's not you, it's me.

Dear Sooners, Tomorrow is a big day. Tomorrow you are touching the field again for a new year of playing football. I'm excited! You know something, I'm mostly excited for your new crew. The freshmen that have joined your team and will stand on the bleachers hollaring for ya. They're starting a big, new, exciting part of their life. Get ready for tomorrow guys because we're expecting a WIN! BOOMER SOONER!

Dear Lifestream, I can't describe what you mean to Kevin and I. It's funny really, because before we graduated and got married I didn't really participate in you too much. I wasn't the student who had  to be at Lifestream every week and I definitely didn't serve there, I served in the Kid's Ministry. You've changed my life and my heart forever these last two years. I'm so pumped to get to pour into you for a third year. Let's go make fishers of men! Let's change this city for Christ's Name! Bring on the revival!

Dear Football Season Decorations, you make me happy. That is all.

Dear Half Day Friday, I'm hoping you are actually a half day! 

Dear Sunrises, You've been stunning lately. I mean take-my-breath-away beautiful. I can't help but stare at you and just say, wow, every morning. It's pretty much a miracle I've not run off the road. I took the picture above of you last week. Couldn't help it, I had the camera and I had to try. I have to say, I did a pretty darn good job but no camera ever really captures you.

Dear Readers, check out what I've found this week:
Barre Classes coming to Norman
I've got to know, have any of you done this before? I'm so excited to see if this is anything like ballet!
This link-up announcement, I love re-living the past so I'm excited to jump in!
This lady's free printables that are beautiful! Think my printer can handle printing them all?
This kissing challenge for married couples. 
These breakfast muffins look delicious and they're healthy! win!
Tone It Up's Labor Day recipes...get in my tummy!
This Texas shape chalkboard, in love! (couldn't find the original source)
This awesome hairdryer organizer
This beautiful Pride and Prejudice copy. Dear husband, I think this would fit in my stocking. :)
What are you up to this weekend?
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  1. always love reading friday letters. i've got a deadline now that i am TOTALLY avoiding....clock is ticking. have a good weekend!!!

  2. Barre class = owe... I mean I thought running hurt, then I thought lifting weights hurt, but then nothing compared to taking a barre classing and pulsing in a half bent knee position for 2 hours (okay it was like 20 seconds that felt like 2 hours!) and it was nothing like ballet- but the one I did was in a park so it was a little different...I never felt that type of pain in ballet class in the 11 years I endured it!
    Oh and thank God it really was a half day Friday- I was so glad we got to surprise you guys with it after a hard week of work!!

  3. Owe, ouch... You know something like that. I might be sleep deprived... I can spell...

    1. haha good to know! I've looked more into and I'm reading the same thing you said here. Bummers I miss dance classes! A friend of mine and I are going to give zumba a shot instead.
      The surprise was awesome today! I was fully anticipating to stay until the evening again! I'm really glad we get Monday off and we're not working on that massive project. Glad I get to work with such fun people though!

  4. I adore this post! Emma Jo does the same thing with not drinking much while she's outside..hmmm. Also, so pumped football season is in full swing! Bring on Fall! Glad to be your newest follower! xoxo

  5. BARRE IN NORMAN?! Um..hello please share and let's have a real hangout and go!!!!


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