Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Client Concept Board

Michelle and I started chatting after I posted about choosing paint colors for your home. Well one thing lead to another and now here we are! I love doing these concept boards for friends, see past ones here.

Michelle's space is a little lounge area in need of some help. Let's take a look at some of her inspiration  photos:

Salvaged Wood Shelf
color stream

Her room currently looks like this:

Displaying image.jpeg

This concept board comes with some heavy DIY but Michelle is down for that so no worries!
I want to pull some of that calming blue she loves so much and work with her gray walls and brown carpet. This concept board is all about making little changes that in turn will make a great impact on the space design-wise. We're going for a tranquil environment with a semi-rustic modern look. 

1. Give that coffee table a dramatic face lift. 
Tape off the piece in different sections, using spray paint from the color selection spray off different portions. Lift tape when dry, spray a clear gloss coat over. Spray paint the legs a bright white and lead a bit at the end, paint that part gold.

2. Out with the old.
The man in her life doesn't care for her side chair that is covered in a blanket. Re-upholstering is expensive. Instead I'm suggesting to say farewell. Look for a bookshelf on craig's list or hang some floating shelves. Pop in some extra seating with some poufs.

3. New Pillows.
Look for inexpensive finds at places like Mashalls, Ross and TJ Maxx sometimes their prices are better than Target.  3 or four on this sofa will go a long way. Or better yet, hit up the fabric store and make your own by just re-covering the ones you have.

4. The side tables.
Paint the legs the same way you did the coffee table. On the tops though, paint a single stripe off center in a bright color. Spray paint the whole thing with the gloss spray to finish it off.

5. Dramatize that window.
It's a small window so let's pretend-make it bigger. Buy some curtains, or make them, that take up the length of the wall. Hang them up, bringing them to the edge of the existing window. This will bring in a lot of color and make the window seem bigger.

6. Accessorize.
Do some of those fun art project you've got hanging out in pinterest boards, add some pictures in frames and have fun! Things do not have to match. Lamps and knick-knacks warm spaces up and make them feel homey.

7. Test Drive it.
This is a great tip for renters too! If you can't commit to a color or don't want to paint an entire room, try making a single or a few stripes at one end of the room vertically or horizontally across. This adds a little color to the walls without being too bold or without making too much of an investment.

concept board sources: blanket//lamp // lamp // shelves// pouff// pouf// curtain// pillow// pillow

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  1. I so so so love your suggestions! especially 'pretending' that window is larger, and giving that chair the boot (not sure why I feel the need to hold on to it..) and adding extra seating by bringing in some poufs. Your ideas are fabulous! can't wait to start revamping this area after the wedding so that we can really start entertaining and enjoying the space!
    thanks again veronica! xoxo

  2. Ooo... You'll definitely have to share the "after" as well!


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