Friday, July 11, 2014

Reading, Cooking and Playing

 This month has been far busier than I anticipated but I've loved every minute of it. From vacation with Samantha, to Kevin's cousin getting married, to fourth of july with some of our best friends, to re-designing Holly's master bedroom,to a garage sale, to dinners at our home with small group friends and some print work for people, my weekends have been tied up and my week evenings full. I am thanking Jesus for this sweet, sweet season of loving on others and enjoying the summer time. 

making : dinner plans for tonight! Hillside Italian Tortelini Soup with a salad, potato puffs and a fruit pizza for dessert(with chocolate sugar cookie as the foundation!)...I love half day fridays for cooking fests.
cooking : all the above!
reading :  Beth Moore's Whispers of Hope & 7 by Jen Hatmaker
watching: Bachelorette YALL! Who's with me? On another note, I was watchinglistening to How I Met Your Mother at work but Netflix ended it at season 8...WHERE CAN I SEE SEASON 9!?!
looking: at my home and seeing it with new eyes lately...
playing: air1 Christian radio
sewing: dreaming about sewing day
wishingfor half day friday to go incredibly fast today!
enjoyingthis season, summer=favorite
waiting: on our second wedding book to arrive! Yep, tackled part of that third year anniversary goal EARLY! Book 3 is already underworks too. Thank you Artifact Uprising for basically being awesome!
likingthat I get to see Kayla this Saturday & Kristina in less than a MONTH!
wonderingabout when I should just pull all my scrapbook stuff...
listening: to While You Were Sleeping...a favorite movie
thanking: my incredible Savior for a passing grade on my exams...truly all glory to HIM!
going: to stay in Norman for a little while, and I'm okay with that!
lovingfree time!
hoping: to make an effort to get some of my print work done this weekend...focus Veronica, focus!
marvelingat God's work infinite sovereignty 
smelling: this awesome candle I got at Target 
wearing: rolled up jeans and OU season is near!
noticing: how my heart changing, CAUTION: God at work!
knowingGod sees me, God loves me, God has me
thinking: about a work project
pinning: recipes that I've actually been making
creating: some cute prints for people!
gigglingat puppy girl...I mean come on, did you see her on instagram last night...
exercising: by running a lot this week, I've missed it!

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  1. Your dinner tonight sounds amazing... especially the dessert! And I'm SO behind HIMYM, I'm on season 5, and have watched them over and over and just haven't got round to season 6 yet because it would involve buying the box set.

  2. I love these photos of your pup! It sounds like you have had a pretty incredible summer so far! I freaking love summer soooo much. I am in denial that August is right around the corner.

  3. sounds like you've had a busy but fun summer :) and your pup is so cute!


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