Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Down Memory Lane

Yesterday I shared a new part of our love story, our first kiss. I realized late last night that I forgot probably the most important part of the story...that night was also the first time we said, I love you to each other. The I love yous came well before the kiss! I can't believe I forgot to write that part! I'll be going back and editing the story now...whoops!

Anyway, back in late April when my girlfriends came up for a fun weekend and we took these pictures altogether we ended up right at the same spot Kevin and I shared our first kiss nearly four and half years ago. In the moment of fun pictures with my best friends we almost didn't realize where we were and when we did, we decided a quick little photoshoot for ourselves was in order.

It's crazy to realize that we shared our first kiss in this spot now so long ago. We were only a month into dating, and now, or when we took these pictures, we were approaching our second wedding anniversary. There have been so many kisses and sweet memories since then. I pray we never forget the innocent moments of our relationship's beginning.

Much thanks to Miss Kristina for taking these!
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  1. Love the pics! And I was so excited to see your story was back last night! Yay!


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