Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Blogmo Quiz

So I can't lie, I like reading a cosmo from time to time. That awkward stories section...oh man, I'm embarrassed for those people every time. It has some good recipes every now and then too. And depending who's on the cover, I'll read the main story too.

Then there's the little quiz..and I read it every time...

I've seen this blog version floating around the blogosphere quite a bit now and I'm super late to link up, so I just won't, but I decided I had to fill it out anyway. Thanks TwoThirdsHazel for the great idea!
ps: I've been on twitter/instagram too much, I put the @ sign in front of her blog name at first was confused when it didn't automatically link her up. #fail 

Have you done one of these yet? Which of my answers did you find interesting or surprising?

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