Friday, July 18, 2014

A Look at Our Fourth

Our fourth of July weekend was so sweet. We had some friends come and stay with us and I loved every minute. Though we had a lot of activities planned we still had plenty of down time too. 

We did a drive in movie on Thursday night. Saw How to Train Your Dragon Two...umm yes, excellent movie! I'd been dreaming about taking my Santa Fe out to the drive-in ever since we bought it and it was just like I imagined it would be. It was chilly that night, so much so that I shivered under the blanket, umm hello Oklahoma summer much? I'm not complaining but this has been one crazy mild summer.

On Friday we ate homemade muffins and eggs, and lounged about playing games until the rest of our friends came over. We made and ate more food, played more games until  we decided to leave for downtown OKC for the fireworks.

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this card actually randomly came up! how crazy is that?

It was fun to walk downtown and dream about living in fun condos where you can walk to all kinds of fun restaurants and parks. Our friend found the BEST spot to watch fireworks. It was breezy enough to break out the sweater so basically it was awesome.

Saturday was spent relaxing. Our friends went off to see family, and Kevin went to work so I got to work at home cleaning and picking things up. That evening we ate dinner at one of Kevin and I's Norman favorites. We played a game at home and ventured out much later for a tradition the boys started in college, a run to Donut King. We decided to take our donuts to campus and walk around...goodness is it weird but sweet to walk around the place we all spent SO much time. SO much laughter and tears were shared there between the four of us. We sure do love our alma mater. BOOMER SOONER!

Sunday, we ate my grandmothe's egg and cheese souffle made by myself. It wasn't perfect but it sure was tasty. We went to church altogether and said farewell to our friends afterwards. Kevin and I spent the afternoon getting random things on our to-do lists done. And ended the night going to his softball games.


Oh summer, how I love thee.

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  1. What a great party! Apples to Apples is fun, have you played Cards against Humanity?

  2. I LOVE the drive in! There aren't many around here that I know of, but they're so much fun on the few occasions that I've been! :)

  3. Eeek! I love going to the drive in! Gosh, all these pics are just stunning!!! I love the fourth of july decor!!!

  4. those fireworks are just beautiful, you captured them perfectly! you definitely did have a great 4th of July


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