Thursday, July 31, 2014

Anniversary Pictures!!!!

Not too long ago Kevin and I celebrated two years of marriage, two! 
I can't believe we are in our third year of's just crazy!

The day before our anniversary, we met up with our favorite photographer, at this point I'm just going to call her our photographer, and took some anniversary pictures in downtown OKC. We decided we wanted to dress up more for this one, and I decided that that meant I was going to have to get one of those tulle skirts. I love this skirt yall! I wish it were more acceptable to wear out and about. I'd so wear it to work!

And here are a few of the pictures from the day! 

Can't wait to share more with you later!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Blogmo Quiz

So I can't lie, I like reading a cosmo from time to time. That awkward stories section...oh man, I'm embarrassed for those people every time. It has some good recipes every now and then too. And depending who's on the cover, I'll read the main story too.

Then there's the little quiz..and I read it every time...

I've seen this blog version floating around the blogosphere quite a bit now and I'm super late to link up, so I just won't, but I decided I had to fill it out anyway. Thanks TwoThirdsHazel for the great idea!
ps: I've been on twitter/instagram too much, I put the @ sign in front of her blog name at first was confused when it didn't automatically link her up. #fail 

Have you done one of these yet? Which of my answers did you find interesting or surprising?

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hallelujas be Multiplied

On Monday morning, Kevin, Paisley and I got up for our morning run. We were less than a mile from home, almost done with our 2 mile run, when I made a turn, caught the side of the curb and landed hard on my left knee, hard. Immediately I started trembling and blubbering,  I'm not okay, it hurts, I'm not okay, there's blood, oh husband there's so much blood, I'm not okay, this hurts! 

Kevin helped me to my feet and I quickly realized I wouldn't be making that last walk home. I sat down as Kevin and Paisley ran off to get the car. Sitting there in the dark, we run at 5am yal,l it's still dark then, I began to realize what this meant for the rest of the week. I wouldn't be running, I wouldn't be cleaning the house like crazy this week, I would have my lunch time walk, and my ability to move quickly in general was taking a huge hit. I found myself becoming quickly frustrated and irritated, questioning, why do dumb things like this happen?!

I'd planned to get back into eating right and doing BOTH my cardio & toning this week. I didn't do my deep house cleaning this weekend so I'd planned to work on that every night this week until it was done. Two things that I was very much planning on being able to accomplish. Things that take time, energy, and speed.

I scanned through facebook and instagram in my frustration, unable to keep the trembling from my voice, I'm a wimp when it comes to injuries, so don't worry I know your'e thinking I sound pathetic and you're right I do and I am, trying to think of how I was going to re-arrange all this stuff I'd planned on doing.

Kevin picked me up in the car and ever so sweetly helped me through my morning routine, right down to making me scrambled eggs for breakfast. Have I mentioned that I have the most wonderful husband in the world? With two different shoes on to try and balance out my wobble, my second bandage already applied and a maxi skirt on to cover the whole ordeal, I got in the car, shut off my radio and began to pray, this has become my morning driving routine, that is talking to God for at least 15 minutes of my drive to the office. 

I thanked Him for an able body to be able to run in but asked for quick healing. I told Him that I was frustrated and this was throwing off my whole week when it had only just begun. I sat there in silence for a little while after getting that off my chest until I realized what He was telling me, it's time to slow down.

I didn't think I'd been too busy lately. I've actually taken time for myself over the pas two weekends and started scrap booking again, and oh how good it feels. But when God speaks to you, and slaps you in the face with His instruction,  or in my case knocks you to your knees, you listen. I fully believe He is using this time to teach me. God didn't push me to the ground, no, that was simply the fault of being human and making mistakes. But He did say, this, this won't be all for not...this I will use to grow my daughter closer to Me. 

So this week, I'm learning what it's like to slow down for God.
Dear friends, pray I learn!
and just because I can't get this song out of my head,

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Love Story: Christmas Lights

Well this is awkward, but last time I shared about our first kiss...yep definitely forgot to mention that it was the first time we said I love you too! WHOOPS! Major fail. Kevin was waiting for the right time and a romantic night under the stars was the perfect time. We'd said, "love you" as friends over freshmen year, it was strange once we started dating, we just stopped. We realized it  would be different once we said I love you in dating. One month in and we realized that friendship love was becoming a romantic love. And then the first kiss happened.

Now that I've confessed that, how about we move onto the next installment of our love story...

If you're new around here you can catch up here.
The cold air and the unshakable stress of finals made the impending semester's end feel real. My final fall semester studio project was due in just three days. I pushed hard to get things as close to done as I could in order to enjoy my birthday in the middle. But after that project due date came the real fun, Christmas lights with our friends.
It was Friday, December 11th of two thousand and nine. My studio project was complete. I'd just taken my last economics quiz. Kevin had asked me to be his date to his work Christmas party. Our first Christmas party to attend as a couple. I was nervous and felt like the quiet one as I met everyone, shook hands and tried desperately to pair names with faces. We opted out of the exchange game and watched from stools behind the group. From where we sat, I could see most everyone, smiling and laughing as gifts were stolen and exchanged, and I thought, how sweet is this? This moment, This season. This life. I relished the moment and prayed silently that my future with this boy looked very much like this. Enjoying time with friends, sharing life and laughing.
Going to see the Christmas lights of Chickasha, Oklahoma had become a tradition at this point. I had created the event on facebook nearly a month ago and had been looking forward to it every since, hoping that  it wouldn't be a terribly cold night. Cold was inevitable though. I slid through the invitation list to check who'd rsvp'd yes. We had several friends from all different groups this year going. Some of my roomies, interiors friends, some from phi lamb and of course some of the founding walker stalkers were on board. I texted Kayla to determine the best outfit for the evening and got dressed. 

Most people were meeting up at my apartment before we drove out so we could arrange the best carpool method. Then we took off in the dark toward our destination. We parked at the same place as last year, the Homeland parking lot and waited inside Homeland for the rest of the group to arrive. It was that kind of a cold night. Once everyone had parked, we made our way through the park of lights and took tons of pictures, laughed, talked, and forgot about the cold.

It was weird walking through this year, holding someone's hand. Just a year ago I was a taken girl, who's hand to hold was six hours away. Now I was a taken girl who's hand to hold was right here with me. Here with mutual friends, having the best time. We took pictures and smiled and fell into huddled into hugs to keep warm.
On our way out of the park, Kevin insisted we take a picture outside of the lighted wedding chapel and I tensed up inside. Was he really already thinking marriage? I was freaking out as I hesitantly walked over to have our picture taken. I giggled as we approached the church and joked about it in good fun but inside I was ready to get as far away from the church as possible. That was going to have to be a conversation for another time. Marriage is where I was headed, but talking about it or joking about it was not a destination I was ready to land in.
Our feet sore and noses red from the cold, we trekked back the cars, said goodbyes and wrapped up another semester together. 
We had one last date night, just the two of us, before our semester ended. Ice skating. Kevin found an ice skating rink outside in downtown Oklahoma City. We hadn't been ice skating together since last year, and then we weren't dating. The night was so cold but the atmosphere was beautiful and I cherished our slow skates around the rink, hand in hand. We talked more and shared sweet kisses, took some fast paced skates around the rink, and of course got a picture of us before the night was over. Life with this boy was good. 
All finals, quizzes and projects were complete. The first semester of Kevin and I being a couple came to an end and our first Christmas break apart was ahead of us. We exchanged handmade gifts and then I drove away for a split break, half of my time in Houston and the other half in Florida. We'd see each other again in the new year.

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Friday, July 25, 2014


I'm bringing around an old favorite today, a long time ago Ashley used to host a Friday link-up called Friday's Letters,search my blog and you'll find TONS of posts, and I just loved it. Today I'm bringing it back! I don't have a link-up set up but write your letters and post in a comment below, I'd love to read them!

Dear Friday, I thought you were so far away just four days ago and now here you are. You bring my first experience with our firm's summer retreat and you bring me a husband home with me. You also bring a half-day work-day and for that I'm so very thankful.

Dear Paisley, you've been a tad cranky lately...I may want to squeeze and hold you all the time but that doesn't mean you get to be cranky about it. However, you've also been incredibly well behaved lately. Thanks for quitting your chewing addiction and for being a sweet calm girl in the evenings. You are loved.

Dear Husband,  I'm so thankful for this weekend together! I love you so very much. Thank you for caring for me in ways far beyond my eyes can see. You are amazing. I'm praying for your career and your dreams daily. You are loved, even more than Paisley.

Dear  Scrapbooking, I got back into you last weekend and now I'm obsessed once again. What is it about you that keeps me coming back and craving you all the time? I can't wait to spend more time with you this weekend. College will be scrapbooked! Also, umm why do people call you cropping? I don't understand this's scrapbooking...why do you just tell them to call you by your full name?

Dear Home, please, please cooperate with the electricians. Our rental company isn't thrilled with you right now which in turn is making us not too thrilled with the rental company. So please, just show the electrician why you refuse to allow the switches in the second bathroom to work... I mean for reals, this is a hazard!

Dear Car, you and I got a lot, and I mean A LOT, of one on one time this week...I'm going to take a stab here and say it's been like 10 hours or more together this week...I'm tired of driving you. I'm sorry.

Dear Chickasha Project, umm furniture install is my favorite and I just LOVE watching you come together! pictures here

Dear life/small group, you rock our world! Our hearts are so full. Our lives are forever changed. We adore each of you. We care deeply for each of you. Thank you for allowing us to become a part of your lives. We are so thankful for you and for your friendships.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Where I've Been

In this building almost every single day, minus the weekend, checking in furniture...

how cool are my new KI chairs?! AH! 
ohh yeah and they're defnitely not but you know how that goes

 I also can't take credit for this interior...this work was done by my coworker, she's awesome.

and while it's definitely leaving me exhausted at the end of every day, I'm LOVING it!

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Friday, July 18, 2014

A Look at Our Fourth

Our fourth of July weekend was so sweet. We had some friends come and stay with us and I loved every minute. Though we had a lot of activities planned we still had plenty of down time too. 

We did a drive in movie on Thursday night. Saw How to Train Your Dragon Two...umm yes, excellent movie! I'd been dreaming about taking my Santa Fe out to the drive-in ever since we bought it and it was just like I imagined it would be. It was chilly that night, so much so that I shivered under the blanket, umm hello Oklahoma summer much? I'm not complaining but this has been one crazy mild summer.

On Friday we ate homemade muffins and eggs, and lounged about playing games until the rest of our friends came over. We made and ate more food, played more games until  we decided to leave for downtown OKC for the fireworks.

banner here

this card actually randomly came up! how crazy is that?

It was fun to walk downtown and dream about living in fun condos where you can walk to all kinds of fun restaurants and parks. Our friend found the BEST spot to watch fireworks. It was breezy enough to break out the sweater so basically it was awesome.

Saturday was spent relaxing. Our friends went off to see family, and Kevin went to work so I got to work at home cleaning and picking things up. That evening we ate dinner at one of Kevin and I's Norman favorites. We played a game at home and ventured out much later for a tradition the boys started in college, a run to Donut King. We decided to take our donuts to campus and walk around...goodness is it weird but sweet to walk around the place we all spent SO much time. SO much laughter and tears were shared there between the four of us. We sure do love our alma mater. BOOMER SOONER!

Sunday, we ate my grandmothe's egg and cheese souffle made by myself. It wasn't perfect but it sure was tasty. We went to church altogether and said farewell to our friends afterwards. Kevin and I spent the afternoon getting random things on our to-do lists done. And ended the night going to his softball games.


Oh summer, how I love thee.

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