Wednesday, June 4, 2014


If I had my way we'd name our daughter, talking future here people, June. I've always loved the month of June. Summer has begun with vacations and camps and mission trips. Plus just getting to be outside and enjoy the sunny summertime. And of course, with our anniversary on the first of June, I really love the month of June.

This June, Kevin and I celebrated our second anniversary, we're going to meet Samantha and Tim, we'll be headed down to the Dallas area to see Kevin's cousin get married, and we'll see some friends while we're down there too. Besides all of that going on, we've got some things on the home front too. I'm helping Holly re-design her master bedroom, I'm playing on my company's kickball team this Saturday (I know, what?!), and Kevin has been playing softball. Paisley will get some park time and swim time too and  I'm also hoping to accomplish a few projects of my own.

Seems like posting monthly goals is popular around the blogosphere so I thought I'd join in this month, only I don't have a cutesy picture to go with it.

June Goals

Work on planning out the Fourth of July party/celebration with our life group.
We meet up at a local park and watch fireworks, eat yummy food and play games. Our group is bigger this year so I'm excited!

Sew a pillow.
I picked up fabric for a living room pillow MONTHS ago. It's time to turn that pretty linen into a pretty pillow.

Get to scrapping.
I've been meaning to start on the college scrapbook for too long, it's time to get down to it. If I just pull out all my stuff then it'll always be out and ready for when I need it. It's so nice to have a room now for all my crafting!

Finish the Power of the Praying Wife
I've super enjoyed this book but I've dragged it out long enough. It's time to finish it up and  move onto a Beth Moore book my bestie picked up for us to read together.

Keeping it simple this month since we'll be gone so much. What's on your goal list? Do you make monthly goals? I'm new to this.

 Lifestream came back last night and Paisley had a blast, a hundred new best friends and a snow cone = puppy heaven!

 On our way to take our wedding outfit pictures (posted on Monday)
 This girl left Norman forever last week! We miss her already.
This is my desk at work...6, yes SIX more days till I meet Samantha!

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  1. June sounds like it'll be wonderful! Wishing you lots of success with your projects!

  2. Your June sounds fun. We should keep each other in check with the scrapbooking. My goal is to scrapbook our Mexico trip from last year before we go this year and to start doing yearly books but I need to do the vacation one first. Best wishes!

  3. Happy Anniversary! The wedding outfit picture is genius, I love it! I need to add sewing to my list too...I have a billion pillows I've been meaning to make covers for for years but they've just sat in my closet. I'm moving next month and need to decide if I'm actually going to make them or if it's time to toss them!

  4. Eeek! How cool! So much to look forward to!! I really want to get back into scrapbooking as well. I like to do it and usually scrapbook life "yearbooks" but it can become crazy because things pile up and up and it can be overwhelming looking at ALL the things to put in a scrapbook. =)

  5. I vote you name your future daughter June! I think it's so pretty!

  6. June is such a pretty name :)

    When are we going to see your anniversary pictures, girl?!


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