Friday, June 27, 2014

Amateur Wedding Photographers

So one time a couple in our small group got married and we were their wedding photographers...

Yep, you read that correctly. They made a sweet and beautiful wedding happen on a limited budget and when they asked us to take pictures of them we just couldn't say no,  well actually we did say no at first but ultimately decided to do it. We were far from qualified, they understood that and were patient with us. Overall we had a good time, learned a lot and I think came out with a few good shots for them. 

I've always had a huge amount of respect for wedding photographers but man it's grown even more. Basically I learned that I like take still shots best and the wedding ceremony is just outright stressful, as is all the "big" events of the day (first dance, cake cutting, etc). I'd much rather take pictures of all the pretty details.

But anyway, to the most kind, patient and fun loving couple, your wedding was precious and we are so honored you chose to share it with us! I don't know about you, but I've not been to a lot of weddings where the bride and bridesmaids play in the rain during the reception...I'd post all of those pictures if I could. Their wedding was just like them fun, sweet and easy going. It was lovely.

Oh and I should mention about 95% of these pictures were taken by Kevin who's actually been reading books on how to use our camera...unlike me.

 You may remember this adorable couple as they let us take their engagement pictures as well. 

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  1. I think you did an incredible job! Well done :)

  2. :) I love her dress and ya'll's pictures turned out great! What a fun opportunity! I'm glad you said yes--of course there are professionals out there who can do an extremely stunning job, but not everyone can afford that and I'm glad this couple got to still get nice pictures!!

  3. Wow! I think these are beautiful and if you would have slapped on a photography name, I never would have even known! We had some of our friends take our wedding pictures as well. Wedding photographers are just outrageous these days!!

  4. Oh my gosh. These are absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  5. That veil is fabulous! Was it and heirloom?

    Great photos! I have a number of friends in the wedding photography business and I don't think I could handle the stress and pressure of their job. One malfunction of a card and all the photos of the ceremony are gone. Yikes!

  6. These pictures are amazing! What a cool experience and you guys did such a great job!

  7. I think it is so neat that they asked you guys to be their photographers! You all did a great job! I love that little church, the red door is gorgeous, I'm glad you captured it!


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