Monday, May 5, 2014

Love Story: You Make Me Smile

My, my my it has been SO LONG since I've updated our story. This little series is taking entirely too long. Prepare yourself for longer, yes longer, posts on our love story.

And btw, I definitely made a mistake in my series of events here...the first date from the last post didn't actually happen until after meeting the parents (below). WHOOPS!

If you're new around here you can catch up here.

I felt like smiling all the time. Without fail, Uncle Kracker's You Make Me Smile came on the radio every time Emily and I drove to studio. I sang the song often and identified completely with it. Emily endured each repeat with such sweetness.

The strangest part of it all was how fast it was happening. One day we were friends, the next we were holding hands and calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend. It was incredibly strange and yet it wasn't strange at all. It was perfect. It was just as it should be. 
Meeting my parents went much as I imagined it would. My mom was her normal cheerful, active and outgoing self. My dad maintained his typical silent nature. Mom asked the questions, did cartwheels and just loved meeting all our friends. Dad cordially met Kevin, asked few questions and mostly observed. 

Thankfully, the entire, rather entertaining, event, all took place at the football game that weekend in none other than a suite, thanks to a family friend, who very much is responsible for encouraging me to come to OU. Our family friend, an OU Alumn, did most of the question asking in the suite. I stared ahead and smiled as he rattled through all kinds of questions for Kevin, what are you going to do? Are you going to be able to provide for her? Will you rub her feet at the end of the day? I loved every single moment of it. And at the end of the night another first went down in the books.

They came and went so fast, I couldn't believe the weekend was coming to an end already. Kevin met me after chapter at Hide-Away to whisk me to our first ever dinner together, our first date. Our first time to really be alone together as a couple.

It was absolutely freezing outside. I opted for a rather casual outfit, my white coat over a favorite coral striped long sleeve top and jeans and sperry top siders.  Kevin insisted the night before wasn't really our first date. I knew we were attending a Switchfoot concert, but he surprised me with the dinner location. We ended up at Zio's in Bricktown downtown OKC. We drew on the paper table cloth, laughed, and conversation flowed as is usually did. It was comfortable and totally uncomfortable at the same time. We made this transition to a couple so fast, sometimes my mind had a hard time catching up. Despite the conflict in my head, I knew without a doubt that I didn't want to be anywhere else.

After a tasty and warm dinner we took off for the concert. Kevin pulled off the freeway on a dark, long road and suddenly the Diamond Ballroom appeared on our right, in the middle of no where. As soon as we turned in, we saw the line of people standing outside and I knew, I knew we were about to go stand out in the cold. I sighed inside my head, oh how I loathed the cold. Adjusting myself from Houston cold to Norman cold was still something I was learning even a year later. Kevin parked the car in the gravel parking lot and we got out just in time for the bitter wind to slap us right in the face. I pressed a smile to my face and we walked gloved hand in gloved hand to the dreaded line. Inside I was screaming, I hate the cold- I hate the cold, but outside I was smiling and bouncing back and forth to keep the blood flowing through me. Slowly the cold drew me closer and closer to Kevin for warmth, and he put his arms around me. The cold bothered me less and less, instead I pressed more into Kevin and let his long arms hold me close. The moment seemed to last forever.
The rest of the night was a blur. The concert room was standing room only and made it difficult to see but the music was great, and my date was even greater. I feel asleep with a happy heart that night.

Tuesday morning I awoke a little groggy from the late night before. My schedule for the week was full with school,( dimensioning floorplans, drawing in furniture, creating schedules and of course designing the custom pieces for my current studio project) and throwing together our date party outfit,s rather last minute. In three short weeks it would be all over,  or just about. I'd finish my third semester at OU, and I'd be halfway through my sophomore year. How crazy.
Thursday I took off to the Norman mall to find suspenders, fake glasses, and a button down white dress shirt for the date party. The theme was school house rock, and costumes were supposed to resemble classic high school stereotypes. I had always wanted to do the cute nerd look so I was pretty pumped about our costumes and planned to do them all out! A few weeks back I'd taken my American Eagle Khaki skirt to the seamstress and had her edit it to be a high waist skirt. I found a white long sleeve ruffled button up at Forever Twenty-One, fake glasses for us both at Claire's and Hot Topic, and suspenders and tall socks at Walmart. I couldn't even wait for Friday.

The girls and I hurriedly ran back and forth between each other rooms, checking outfits, adjusting our looks, doing make-up, fixing hair and just plain scrambling, I loved living here with them. I felt my heart racing as the time for the boys to arrive approached with each minute.  I was nervous, when did I become nervous before Kevin arrived? I wondered as I desperately fought the nerves away. Tonight would be a big night. We made our relationship publicly official but tonight would be the first time we were a couple among other people. He needed to just get here so my fighting nerves could just be put to an end.

The moment he arrived my nerves quieted and I was just excited to have him there and to be taking him as my date to a date party. Kevin as my date! It was unreal. I couldn't believe it was all happening. It was just three weeks ago that I called him friend,  now he was my boyfriend, he'd met my parents, we'd been on only two dates , and at this moment he was my date to a phi lamb date party. We'd had our first date, he'd met my parents for the first time and now he was attending his first date party. So many firsts in such a short time. It seemed I was constantly playing the catch-my-head-up-to-the-current-moment.

I never would have imagined just how easy and fun that evening could become. Dancing with Kevin came so naturally. Laughing with him, holding his hand, and taking pictures together. All of it kept me smiling from ear to ear. I was smitten. 


  1. The costume pictures are so funny and cute!! And I always tell Angel that that same song "You Make Me Smile" makes me think of him. :)

  2. Oh gosh you guys look so young in those photos!

  3. These are so fun - but I think it's crazy that you seem to remember every outfit your wore in all these posts!


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