Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wiggin Out

This subject is a pretty odd for me to write about and while I have to admit when I was approached my first thought was, umm no, this isn't relevant to me or my readers. Then I remembered my mommy.

When my mom went through cancer she lost her hair, much like most cancer patients. Losing her hair was hard for my mom. Among some of the difficulties in losing her hair was finding a wig she liked and felt comfortable wearing. 

Thus, I decided to take Wigsby up on their offer so that some of you who may know someone going through cancer, or perhaps you yourself, might be able to find a wig you like too!
I have been compensated for this post but the words are my own honest opinion.

Wigsby is a global online retail company but I like that they still connect with their customers by offering personal consulting services from professional hairdressers. They have a wide selection of wigs to choose from including various styles and various materials.

Though I didn't receive an actual sample the images online seem to portray the wigs pretty well and look very nice to me. And you can look on their site for probably hours! Everything you can imagine at all different price points. They have virtually every type of wig you can imagine! Including men and celebrity dos! I really thought the latter was so fun!

You like Tyra Banks? Well then, there's a wig for you:
Interested in more average look? How about these pretty curly locks?
They also have hair all kinds of hair extensions:

What do you think? If you were searching for wigs would you check out Wigsby?

All images are owned by Wigsby and were taken directly from their website with their permission.
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  1. Those extensions look great for adding volume!

  2. I wear clip-in hair extensions all the time, so I will have to check this out =)

  3. AnonymousMay 19, 2014

    Is wigsbuy reliable?


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