Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

In 13 days I will meet Samantha FACE to FACE!

Last week, some family friends, they've known me since I was a baby, were in town from Houston so we caught dinner with them. We began talking about summer plans and Kevin and I chatted with them about our upcoming trip to Virginia. I told them we were going to visit this girl and her husband whom I'd met through blogging...their faces. 

Sometimes, I forget how crazy that sounds. I'm literally traveling several states away to meet and then immediately stay and travel around with Samantha and her hubs at their new home. Nothing about that seems weird to me at all anymore. A year or so ago, I'd thought anyone considering this was straight up crazy. Blogging has become so much a apart of my every day that I forget how strange and odd it is to those not involved. It really is weird, this thing we do here...but it's completely awesome too.

Becoming friends with Samantha has been such an awesome blessing to me! I've loved connecting with her as a fellow blogger, fellow designer, fellow wife and fellow sister of Christ.  I am so so so looking forward to seeing her face and giving her a hug and just getting to know her more in person!

Because of Samantha, I was brave enough to meet Holly in person. I'm so thankful to her for giving me that encouragement. 

I didn't really have a plan for where this post was going...mostly just a rant of how excited I am to meet Samantha! Vacation come quickly!

AND in other random news of current life:
Memorial day was spent in my jammies until 5:30 at night..Kevin and I watched three movies, ate the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls, and just enjoyed was marvelous.
Samantha and her sister in law, Gabby, and I have been doing the ToneItUP Bikini Series over the last four's crazy but awesome.
Paisley ran across a major road this weekend and Kevin and I nearly fainted...PRAISE THE LORD SHE WAS SAFE from the oncoming car. Never happening again.
The Secrete Life of Walter Mitty was an excellent movie.
The THUNDER are playing awesomely at the current moment I type this...THUNDER UP yall!
I was able to fit back into some pink shorts I've had since high school, they don't fit quite right yet but I can close that clasp....praise JESUS!
I'm learning about stretching my influence and affluence for Christ where I am in the here and now.
Kevin and I are playing photographers this weekend again...shooting the wedding of a couple in our small group...please, please pray for us.
Kevin and I are getting our pictures taken for our 2nd anniversary! I know, right?! WHAT?! 
I can't decide if I should wear my hair straight or curl it for our photo shoot...suggestions???
Kevin and I plan to try out a yummy breakfast place on Saturday after our pictures but before the wedding and I'm pumped.
Our anniversary is on SUNDAY and we plan on celebrating with pappa johns pizza and a mini cookie cake...because we've had neither the past four weeks..I know silly but we're stoked.
The Lord is enough.

oh yeah and once upon a time we took this pretty girl's senior pictures...and some of them turned out blurry, and some of them turned out overexposed and so on and so forth...but we learned and few of them we're decently happy with how they came out:

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  1. What an exciting weekend you have coming up! Enjoy it!! :)

  2. Ha ! we're taking anniversary pics this weekend too! you did a lovely job with that senior shoot!

  3. Are you wearing your wedding clothes for your anniversary shoot? Angel and I just watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty today, I liked it. And just last week I met up with a blogger--it is a crazy but perfectly normal thing to do. :P

  4. I'm so glad you get to meet Samantha soon - yay for blog friends turned real friends! I really should have started TIU with you all, I just don't know how to get out of this funk -- I suppose leaving work at a decent hour would help.


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