Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Do you remember your prom?

I've spotted so many prom groups out and about, seen posts about siblings going to prom, and then today Ellen went and talked about awkward prom pictures last week. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to reminisce some about my own prom.

I loved prom!

There I said it. Every single bit, okay I lie but really I loved most all of it!

At my school we only had a senior prom so unless you were a senior or you had the privilege of being asked to attend by a senior, you didn't get to go. Thankfully, I was that awkward girl that no one above my grade even knew so I didn't attend till senior year, which I think made it even more special.

I remember my mom took me to like a thousand different stores. We even bought THREE, yes three, dresses, only to return all of them later and go back to the very first dress I ever tried on. I couldn't get it out of my head. I wanted to,  I felt like that typical girl getting the pink poofy prom dress, but I just couldn't. And I loved that dress! It made my top favorite clothing list a few years back.

I loved getting all dolled up, loved taking all the pictures, loved the limo (even though it was yellow, yes a story for another time), loved the after-prom, loved the sleepover at the end of the night and the morning run to Shipley's Donuts, prom hair and all. We'll ignore that for part of the night I was running from my date so that he couldn't ask me to be his girlfriend.

So, for the sake of fun memories, prom pictures, circa April 19, 2008.

 Yes we took the classic stair picture
 I get to see this lady and her NEW beau in Virginia SOON! 

 Evidence, it's not a lie yall!

Yall, this man was our senior principal

 Me being awkward...what's new?

And what about you? Did you love prom? Share your prom pictures with us!!!

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  1. Ahh prom is the best! And where in VA? I'd love to see you if you're not too far from me!

  2. I love your dress!!! And that yellow limo is... memorable, I guess :)

  3. We graduated high school the same year!! Of course I didn't have a prom because I was homeschooled. That limo Hummer definitely makes a statement! :)

  4. That's so funny you ran from him that night, who knew yall would've ended up dating for a year shortly after that! :)

  5. What awesome pictures to look back at! I never went to prom. It's one of the few things that Adam actually did in high school that I didn't. He makes fun of me all the time. He actually likes to pull out prom pictures every now and then to remind me that he had a black and gold tux. Yes, that's right his tux was black and gold - would you expect anything less? Good thing he went with friends and not with a date because I'm sure no girl in her right mind would have wanted a black and gold prom dress ;)

  6. Yes, I do remember my prom quite a bit. It's blurry, but I remember that the night was fun, but I don't think it comes close to the fun you seemed to have had. You look beautiful in your dress. Anyway, I'm sure that epic limousine ride really added so much memories to such a memorable night. I love the photos, Veronica. Thanks for sharing them with us! :)

    Evan Blake @ Antique Limousine of Indianapolis


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