Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Most Popular Post

When I wrote a post on a diy for organizing baseball caps I had no idea how huge it was going to get. I mean for one thing, that organization tip was born out of editing someone else's version. Also, I've re-read that post a few times through since realizing how popular it has become and it stinks. There are editing issues, miss-spelling, my photos are eh, and it's just not a very well written or an organized post.

But the grand world of blogging and pinterest has deemed it my post interesting/creative/helpful/whatever post by a long shot. And I mean a LOOOONNNGGG shot.

I've always enjoyed reading posts some of yall have written about the things people search which bring them to your blog. They're funny and so random! But mine? Every single search that has led people to my blog has something to do with baseball caps and organizing them.

SO in light of the baseball cap season and spring cleaning upon us I decided to bring it back, or rather remind you about it,  and also give you some new better pictures! I've also got some edits or updates rather as a result of some questions I've had over time on it.

1. How easy it is to move it? It moves like a charm! Seriously. You leave the hats on the rings, nest them into each other, and keep the poles and hardware together. Then they just go right up on your new place. 

2. What happens when you run out of room? For us the answer to that is we will not run out of room. Once there are no more rings left then that's the end of baseball caps. IF one of us (most likely Kevin, as you can clearly tell only 2 of them belong to me) gets a new one then an old one has to go. If you're an avid baseball cap collector, well make a new rod! The nice thing is that it takes up relatively little room, and it's cheap! So that's a win, win in my book.

3. Do the hats fall off much? No. You don't have to even fully clasp the rings, they'll stay on really well. In our old place ours was in our closet, you better bet we knocked those hats with laundry baskets, baskets, hangers etc...but they stayed on. We used a different purchased product before and it was aweful! Caps fell off ALL the time! (The only caps that have a harder time staying on are those that don't have a gap/space at the back[where the adjustment is], but even still they stay on pretty well).

Those are the biggest I've heard so far, anyone have more questions on this? And have any of you actually tried it out at your own homes? I'm so curious to see if anyone found an even better way.

We absolutely LOVE the baseball cap organizer and although I find it rather comical that it is my most popular post, it is really one of my most favorite home projects I've done over the last two years.

And yes, yes I do storedisplay my wedding dress on our wall. This little room is right off our bedroom and it has our closet in it. The lady before us used it as a reading room. We've just made it one giant closet. With Paisley's crate in it of course. It's wonderful. I want to get a round tufted ottoman someday for the middle of the room. 

The dress is hung up by two wall hooks that are anchored into the wall. They're great!

Seeing my wedding dress on the wall never gets old. Perhaps one day we can build it a proper enclosure of some sort, like that one pin wandering around that we all adore where the dress is framed, but for now it's on the wall. And I'm a-okay with that!

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  1. Ok, the number of OU caps Kevin has rivals the number of Purdue caps we have. I've never understood why Adam needs more than a couple of Purdue hats, they all sort of just look the same after a while ;) I may need to do this for his sports/man cave room.

  2. I actually never saw your baseball cap post the first time around. I think Angel and I each just have one cap--we are not collectors! :P I love your wedding dress on the wall! Mine is just hanging in the closet with the rest of my clothes! :)

  3. This is a first for me to see! I love the idea! I think it'd work super well for scarves as well, since they're more of an organisational nightmare for me than our (non-existent) baseball caps :)

  4. So I never actually saw this post until now but I LOVE it - Sean's hats are everywhere and I bought him an organizer from Lids once but he so doesn't use it. Maybe I'll have to try this.

    Also, I definitely relate to the traffic thing- to this day most of my traffic comes from the arbonne protein bars recipe which was maybe my third post off all time with blase pics.

  5. I've never seen this post, but I love this idea!

  6. Does it works for hats that don't have the hole in the back (flex fit hats)?

    1. Yes it does! It holds onto them pretty well. Of course, if you pull on the hat, it'll come free pretty easily but we have a few flex fits on there and they've never fallen off on their own.

    2. Maybe try some round curtain holders with the pinch clips for these types of hats ??

  7. My son in law is addicted to hats. They are everywhere I am definately working with my daughter and making these! Thank you for your posts

  8. I made a similar version of this DIY several years ago. My husband made about 8 walking sticks and we keep them displayed in a large wire trash can near the front door. His hats were all over, I was cleaning under the bathroom sink and saw all the old shower rings like you used. I took one of the thinnest walking sticks, put it on the wall setting inside two ex-large cup hooks. He did not want them clipped together, so I left the clips open and went over the top of the stick with two swabs of regular school stick glue to keep them from turning every time he took off a hat which is everyday. He takes them off and I put them back. I love your idea of the curtain rod. We recently moved so I still haven't found a minute to put it up in this home. Thanks for this. Great minds think alike. JULI

    1. I absolutely love that you've done something similar and unique!

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