Thursday, May 1, 2014


Here, is where' I've been aching to be for so long! Where is here? Here is now, post exams, almost-summer, and freedom!

Well I've done one of these in like 20 days so why not a new update!?!

making : plans for healthier meals
cooking : Hawaiian turkey burgers, thanks toneitup!
reading : The Power of a Praying Wife and getting ready to start Beth Moore's Whispers of Hope with a friend.
watching: Once & Nashville & other favorites like ELLEN!
lookingat spreadsheets and autocad constantly today at work (yes I'm writing on my lunch break and it's currently Wednesday)
playingmusic and podcasts on my mini ipad that the husband won!
sewing: dreaming about sewing pillows & possibly a blanket for the home. Our white bed needs a little navy blanket to protect it from our crazy pup.
wishingthat my home could magically become clean
enjoyingthis time of life
waiting: to finish our wedding books, cause you know almost two years of marriage means you really ought to have a book done by now
likingthat I get to see my besties NEXT weekend AGAIN!
wonderingwhen I'll really actually clean my house
listening: to two great podcasts the husband told me about, one with Breakaway Ministries and one from David Ramsey.
thanking: my incredible Savior for bringing me peace during and after the exams.
going: no where. absolutely no where. until JUNE when I'll see SAMANTHA (and possibly KARLA)
lovingfree time!
hoping: to clean or at least tidy up the house this weekend and work on the wedding books!
marvelingat God's work infinite sovereignty 
smelling: this awesome candle I got at Target that is about gone
wearingmy skinny black crop pants with a white boatneck lace top and purple flats.
noticing: how God is growing me.
knowingGod sees me, God loves me, God has me
thinking: about a work project
pinning: things that I finally can start putting on my schedule!
creating: some winnie the pooh "prints" for a friend of ours and I can't wait to share on the blog!
gigglingat husband's impersonation of Paisley Grace
feeling: joyfull
exercising: adding a new one! I'm exercising with Samantha and working through the Tone It Up Bikini Series! 

Happy 23rd monthiversary to my sweet man! Can you even believe that next month will be 2 years?! Holy moly how time just flies!

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  1. Wow. It will be 2 years for both of our marriages! Crazy!! I love me some Ellen, too!!! =) And yes, I have to email you about June! It's so up in the air now with me being semi-unemployed for the time being.

  2. I was just looking at the tone it up series, I've been seeing a lot of posts on instagram about it. Adam is terrible at holding me accountable though. I will complain about how hard work was or something else equally as silly and he will say, "it's ok, just skip your work out today". He's so motivating with other things but in that arena he isn't very good ;)

  3. Mmm those burgers sound delicious!

  4. Ah this post just has your joy running through it so strongly!


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