Wednesday, May 14, 2014

finish this vol.2

Those flowers in the beautiful vase came from the sweetest lady, Holly. She surprised me with them just to say, congratulations you finished your exams! She's pretty much an awesome awesome lady and I'm so thankful for her presence in my life.

Today, I thought I'd team up with Arizona Russums(and the other ladies involved) on the finish this link-up. I've joined in once before here. Join us!

A lesson I learned from my mom...
"You don't ask, you don't get"...I think Kevin is tired of hearing me say this, he'd rather not ask and remove the possibility of hearing "no" but I've grown accustomed to this little lesson. There are countless discounts, opportunities, savings, etc that I've benefited from just by asking.

To burn calories, I...
do the work out routines for the #bikiniseries with Tone It Up! How ironic that this is a prompt this week. We are on week three, wow, and I'm feeling stronger but haven't seen much change as far as weight and such goes. Trying to stay positive! Thankful for my lady encouragers, Samantha and Gabby, and my favorite man for pushing me through.

My best hair day was...
I feel like I did a pretty sweet job pumping my hair up with volume for the friend photoshoot a few weeks back.

I am grateful for...
A husband who loves me just as I am but encourages me positively to be even better. 
all the people in the pictures in this post....

Guys, this, this is our SMALL GROUP! Not so small anymore...all the glory to God! Small group posts coming soon!

That amazing lady in the middle graduated with her masters this past weekend.

Our awesome selfie abilities at work here. From girls weekend.

The days before my exams

The dog who stole our hearts

Easter Weekend, our church did a park night on Good Friday and it was awesome.

Saw them and had to snap a shot of them...because why not
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  1. yay for the awesome people (and pups) in your life!

  2. Welcome back, Veronica! I love your responses, it's amazing to have such a wonderful mom, husband, fur-baby, and small group in your life. What a blessing they all are! Your pictures are amazing, and congrats to your friend on her Masters. Wow! What an accomplishment. Blessings and hugs, hope to see you back next week! xo, Nicole (co-host)

  3. What a great looking small group!

  4. Those flowers are so pretty! And yay for finishing your exams! And yay for your small group! So much good going on your life right now!

  5. I'm so like Kevin--I don't want to be told "No" so I'd much rather not ask! Angel's the opposite, though.

  6. I love all of the pictures so fun!

  7. The flowers are just breath taking.

  8. I love the 'don't ask don't get' quote... it's something I'm slowly learning :) Also love the dress you wore to your friend's graduation!!

  9. Made my way over via the link up.... as I read your answers to the prompts, it led me to a previous post of your friendship photo shoot. I LOVE IT! Love that you have such close girlfriends, true girlfriends.... many women take this for granted and it's such an important part of life.


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