Friday, May 30, 2014

Anniversary Goals

This Sunday, Kevin and I will celebrate two years of marriage and the beginning of our third year. That's just crazy to think about but so sweet to think about. Marriage has been a wonderful ride thus far. I'd say our second year was a little more difficult than our first. We had lots of changes in our lives, had to work through some more arguments, and continue figuring out parenting Paisley Grace (our dog). We worked through them all and ultimately grew closer together, strengthening our relationship. God is good yall. His grace is what carries us through. His sweet hand resting on our hearts, protecting us and guiding us is what keeps us strong. Leaning into His power and might has made us stronger than ever.

I'm so thankful the Lord gave me this amazing man to spend my life with. Thank you Jesus! 

Last year, while we sat in the hotel room one evening we decided to talk through some things we felt went well in our first year and areas we need to work in and goals for our second year of marriage. Our goals were a collection of fun things, personal desires, and just some ways to continually put emphasis on our relationship.

Let's see how we did! 

Veronica wants to make a wedding scrapbook.
Well I did and didn't fulfill this. I decided to ditch the scrapbook plan for a more simpler assembled book through Artifact Uprising (love them!). I got through our getting ready pictures and all the portrait pictures but that's it...and that's book 1. I ordered it this week. 

Save up for our second anniversary cruise.
We were really hoping to have taken a cruise this year. But as things came closer together and we added things up, and those who were going to join us changed...we opted to leave the cruise idea behind and like I mentioned Wednesday...we're going to VIRGINIA instead! 

Veronica wants to work on praying for Kevin in specific ways.
I bought the Power of the Praying Wife book and per my goals for this year, I've been continually reading through it in the mornings with my quiet times. I love it! I'm 8 chapters away from finishing now. Definitely would encourage any wife to read it.

Continue celebrating monthiversaries.
We really like acknowledging every month together. We did this when we dated and carried it into marriage. This year was more difficult to continue. My studying took up nearly all my time and all my brain power too. I'm hoping we can step back into this tradition. We basically do something small on the first of each month. Watch a movie together, get take-out, go on a walk, etc. It's not a big and fancy date night, just time for the two of us to spend intimate time together one way or another. Kevin always writes me a note too, like this one, and I will say that he's done very well at keeping that going through this year. 

Incorporate the traveling journal idea.
I saw this on a blow somewhere around this time last year. We didn't end up incorporating this. We're really communicative throughout our work days, constantly chatting on skype or gmail hangouts and through emails sometimes I'm not sure we'll consider this idea again. It's a fun thought though.

Incorporate the five questions on Sundays.
Those five questions are from the Today's Letters blog. When we got engaged we began a prayer journal together. We wrote prayers of requests, thankgiving, praise, etc each Sunday evening after chapter( we were still in college and I had Phi Lamb chapter on Sunday evenings). We continued that into our marriage so we decided we'd just add the questions into that time. We've really enjoyed this new tradition but we've not been excellent at keeping it going. Studying, it's always studying's fault.

Bake the Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls.
I just wanted to give this a try since it seemed rather involved. Again, studying took over. SO I made them this past weekend! Nothing like last minute...haha. Well they were fun to make and tasted excellent! I see trying it again someday in the future. Recipe here.

Create a digital food passport.
Another idea that I saw on Pinterest...only it was a book and they hand wrote places they wanted to try. We made ours a list on Kevin's phone. We haven't really referenced it much but we have been more creative in trying out new restaurants when we have gone out to eat.

Frame our marriage covenant.
I was going to get it custom framed but holy moly those custom frames are wildly expensive even with a 60% off coupon. Geesh. I wandered around Michaels until I finally found a frame on clearance that would work perfectly. $10 versus $190? Yes please. Our original covenant didn't fit quite right so then I had to re-print it, and long story short after 4 trips to the copy place I finally got the right size! And yes, all of this happened this weekend as well. It's up on our wall and I'm looking at it right now. We love it. 

Kevin wants to make time for some video editing.
And he did. He made the Paisley video and the May tornado from last year video and a few other little projects. Go Kevin!

From Here:

To Here:

Then HERE:

And last year, here:

I've already begun thinking about what goals I want to set for our third year. What kind of fun or sweet things have you incorporated into you marriage?

Anniversary pictures with our favorite tomorrow! Can't wait!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

In 13 days I will meet Samantha FACE to FACE!

Last week, some family friends, they've known me since I was a baby, were in town from Houston so we caught dinner with them. We began talking about summer plans and Kevin and I chatted with them about our upcoming trip to Virginia. I told them we were going to visit this girl and her husband whom I'd met through blogging...their faces. 

Sometimes, I forget how crazy that sounds. I'm literally traveling several states away to meet and then immediately stay and travel around with Samantha and her hubs at their new home. Nothing about that seems weird to me at all anymore. A year or so ago, I'd thought anyone considering this was straight up crazy. Blogging has become so much a apart of my every day that I forget how strange and odd it is to those not involved. It really is weird, this thing we do here...but it's completely awesome too.

Becoming friends with Samantha has been such an awesome blessing to me! I've loved connecting with her as a fellow blogger, fellow designer, fellow wife and fellow sister of Christ.  I am so so so looking forward to seeing her face and giving her a hug and just getting to know her more in person!

Because of Samantha, I was brave enough to meet Holly in person. I'm so thankful to her for giving me that encouragement. 

I didn't really have a plan for where this post was going...mostly just a rant of how excited I am to meet Samantha! Vacation come quickly!

AND in other random news of current life:
Memorial day was spent in my jammies until 5:30 at night..Kevin and I watched three movies, ate the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls, and just enjoyed was marvelous.
Samantha and her sister in law, Gabby, and I have been doing the ToneItUP Bikini Series over the last four's crazy but awesome.
Paisley ran across a major road this weekend and Kevin and I nearly fainted...PRAISE THE LORD SHE WAS SAFE from the oncoming car. Never happening again.
The Secrete Life of Walter Mitty was an excellent movie.
The THUNDER are playing awesomely at the current moment I type this...THUNDER UP yall!
I was able to fit back into some pink shorts I've had since high school, they don't fit quite right yet but I can close that clasp....praise JESUS!
I'm learning about stretching my influence and affluence for Christ where I am in the here and now.
Kevin and I are playing photographers this weekend again...shooting the wedding of a couple in our small group...please, please pray for us.
Kevin and I are getting our pictures taken for our 2nd anniversary! I know, right?! WHAT?! 
I can't decide if I should wear my hair straight or curl it for our photo shoot...suggestions???
Kevin and I plan to try out a yummy breakfast place on Saturday after our pictures but before the wedding and I'm pumped.
Our anniversary is on SUNDAY and we plan on celebrating with pappa johns pizza and a mini cookie cake...because we've had neither the past four weeks..I know silly but we're stoked.
The Lord is enough.

oh yeah and once upon a time we took this pretty girl's senior pictures...and some of them turned out blurry, and some of them turned out overexposed and so on and so forth...but we learned and few of them we're decently happy with how they came out:

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Love Story: Sunny Days

I know it's been a while again but today I've got another installment of our love story. yay! 

If you're new around here you can catch up here.

With all my family far, I decided to spend this Thanksgiving with Kayla and her family. We'd been planning it for a while and I was pretty excited to spend more time with her and get to know her mom and brother more and see her small town! Kevin was headed to Iowa to see his family and at the end of the week we'd spend the big game together with our friends back in Norman.

It was such a sweet treat to get to go home with Kayla, great food, fun times together and good 'ole relaxation is exactly what I needed. We watched tv, ate chocolate cake for breakfast, and sang Carrie Underwood. 

Kevin and I were states away but our phones were ever buzzing with text message alerts. I'm not even sure what we talked about most of the time but I couldn't get enough. I awoke to good morning messages and fell asleep to good night messages every day until we were back together on Saturday, November 28th of 2009. Game day. The most anticipated game, second to the OU/TX game, the University of Oklahoma versus Oklahoma State University. Bedlam. 

The weather was perfect, the sun was out and there was a breeze in the air. I wore my favorite pearl dangle earrings, an OU t-shirt, and of course my big brown sunglasses...after discussion with Kayla of course. Afternoon games during this time of the year were the best. Everyone was pumped up and no one was looking to check out early. We cheered together, shared high five with friends and took pictures, like always.  We won 27 to 0 which made for an all around excellent day. I loved every minute. 

The next week brought about the normal schedule once again of classes, final project work, work-work and squeezing in some time with Kevin. On Tuesday we'd celebrate ONE MONTH. I couldn't believe a month has passed. My schedule was so full with final project work and work, I'm not even sure we'd be able t to do something. Besides, initiation for the new phi lamb babies was on Friday which meant I also had some last minute crafting to get together for my little. At least, the end of the week promises some fun times with my birthday! All I had to do was push myself to the weekend. 

I cancelled our Thursday lunch, planned to miss Bible study for the week and prepared for a week in the computer lab finalizing my studio project for the semester.

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Winnie the Pooh Art Prints

A while back one of the ladies from our church, the wife of the pastor who married us, asked me to draw up some Winnie the Pooh art prints for her daughter's second birthday. I said yes almost immediately. I really enjoy drawing with my prismas and it would be something new and different for me.

She posted pictures of the birthday on facebook and it just looked so sweet all together. I'm so happy I got to be a a part of it.

(this is my favorite!)

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wiggin Out

This subject is a pretty odd for me to write about and while I have to admit when I was approached my first thought was, umm no, this isn't relevant to me or my readers. Then I remembered my mommy.

When my mom went through cancer she lost her hair, much like most cancer patients. Losing her hair was hard for my mom. Among some of the difficulties in losing her hair was finding a wig she liked and felt comfortable wearing. 

Thus, I decided to take Wigsby up on their offer so that some of you who may know someone going through cancer, or perhaps you yourself, might be able to find a wig you like too!
I have been compensated for this post but the words are my own honest opinion.

Wigsby is a global online retail company but I like that they still connect with their customers by offering personal consulting services from professional hairdressers. They have a wide selection of wigs to choose from including various styles and various materials.

Though I didn't receive an actual sample the images online seem to portray the wigs pretty well and look very nice to me. And you can look on their site for probably hours! Everything you can imagine at all different price points. They have virtually every type of wig you can imagine! Including men and celebrity dos! I really thought the latter was so fun!

You like Tyra Banks? Well then, there's a wig for you:
Interested in more average look? How about these pretty curly locks?
They also have hair all kinds of hair extensions:

What do you think? If you were searching for wigs would you check out Wigsby?

All images are owned by Wigsby and were taken directly from their website with their permission.
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

finish this vol.2

Those flowers in the beautiful vase came from the sweetest lady, Holly. She surprised me with them just to say, congratulations you finished your exams! She's pretty much an awesome awesome lady and I'm so thankful for her presence in my life.

Today, I thought I'd team up with Arizona Russums(and the other ladies involved) on the finish this link-up. I've joined in once before here. Join us!

A lesson I learned from my mom...
"You don't ask, you don't get"...I think Kevin is tired of hearing me say this, he'd rather not ask and remove the possibility of hearing "no" but I've grown accustomed to this little lesson. There are countless discounts, opportunities, savings, etc that I've benefited from just by asking.

To burn calories, I...
do the work out routines for the #bikiniseries with Tone It Up! How ironic that this is a prompt this week. We are on week three, wow, and I'm feeling stronger but haven't seen much change as far as weight and such goes. Trying to stay positive! Thankful for my lady encouragers, Samantha and Gabby, and my favorite man for pushing me through.

My best hair day was...
I feel like I did a pretty sweet job pumping my hair up with volume for the friend photoshoot a few weeks back.

I am grateful for...
A husband who loves me just as I am but encourages me positively to be even better. 
all the people in the pictures in this post....

Guys, this, this is our SMALL GROUP! Not so small anymore...all the glory to God! Small group posts coming soon!

That amazing lady in the middle graduated with her masters this past weekend.

Our awesome selfie abilities at work here. From girls weekend.

The days before my exams

The dog who stole our hearts

Easter Weekend, our church did a park night on Good Friday and it was awesome.

Saw them and had to snap a shot of them...because why not
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